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@017~006the electronic knights
~034a new introduction

~352nearer my god to thee
~076captain bifat
~440dr. mc coy
~064prince, banana,
~076captain bifat

@017~413for joining and
~401coder"s purposes
@006~073captain bifat
~071timm mueller
~049wehrdaer weg 3
~0713500 marburg

@017~073also contact
~101our elite
~075mail traders
@017~446red knight
~425plk 125048 e
~3923000 hannover 91
~080po box 1402
~0606470 buedingen
@029~390federal republic
~420of joymoney

banzai out there!    this is captain bifat on the keys...   for
i'm too lame and lazy to participate in the demo competition, i decided to
create just a little introduction for your pleasure.   you don't believe
this is just an introduction?   well, first of all, this production does not
exceed the limit of 40000 bytes, and second, it does
introduce something:   ladies and gentlemen, we welcome our new members banshee
(graphics) and zycro (music).  in addition to that, we hereby announce the
foundation of our subdivision starship enterprise designs.  members
of starship enterprise designs are captain james t. kirk and dr. mc coy.  by the
way, if you're of that kind of lamer that is gazing through the memory via action
replay in order to read your fucking name in the greetings list, let me tell you
that there will be no greetings at all, due to a lack of memory!     
now for something completely different.    rumours said that we
were up to release a trackmo at this party and we were sure to win...  
if we ever find out who is
responsible for spreading such fake information, we're
going to play ping-pong with his bollocks!    

okay dudes, i'm running out of bytes now...