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welcome to chiperia 8        use your mouse to browse the list of songs           press left mouse button to select a tune         hit both mouse buttons to quit the show                 ...this is the original amiga chip version of size matters. we released a pc beeper version in the oldschool music compo at revision 2017. this is how it should sound. signed dlx vedder and triace.          ...hello slash on the keys this tune is dedicated to my cat lisa since she is a great healer when you feel bad or ill. the tune is a real looper therefor short. i also wanna thank everybody for their patience in this delayed release we did our best as always. have fun and see you in chiperia 9.          ...hey all chiphappy people. a scroller to accompany my tune for chiperia 8. this time a short silly tune. not my finest work but it will do. what else to say...  Ive had a fun summer vacation. visited hamburg during the g20 meeting. that was crazy. like being in the middle of a war zone with armed military vehicles and police everywhere. apart from that it was quite nice. went to see the largest model train track in the world. great stuff. i was there with my two sons and we all had a blast. ive not had time to make a lot of music unfortunately. have been busy with other undertakings - such as designing boardgames and getting the bloody house ready to be sold - if anyone will ever buy it ... sigh ... ive just started work again - yawn. but still nice to see the colleagues im totally uninspired so you all have a great time and enjoy this music disc. cheers. cutcreator.                    ...sickened mind licking popsicles to extend creativity or ... well ... welcome to another curt and cool tune for the hopefully - probably - delightful 8th issue of chiperia. i might add that i am pretty damn pleased with this little tune the parts of which are quite different yet they fit together like a carefully adjusted jigsaw or even the colours of a rubiks cube. since i am unable to go to datastorm and my demoparty future is somewhat as uncertain as my future in general in these days of living in the precariat i see no reason not to send greetings to the whole of depth and chiperia and all of my other demoscene friends who i hereby wish a pleasant autumn. dont stop. and enjoy the tune which might be even better if you listen to it a dozen times or so. me ill try to focus on my other musical activities and my writing but making the odd mod every now and again is still a possibility. so ... watch out --- i will be bakk!            ...hello! it is buzzer here typing some crap while sunbathing at balcony. april fools was quickcomposed on the 10th of april. now its the beginning of august and here in finland and its assembly demoparty time soon. gonna party like its 90s again! hehe. my first assembly visit was in year 1993 - great memories... and that summer tradition visiting at assembly will continue! yoyos to all my friends and especially nectarine demoscene radio listeners. keep on sceneing!               ...approaching.            something is approaching                     always something approaching               i stand in pure white nothingness            awaiting its coming.                    my arms raised for the obligatory embrace.            subtle pastel colours talk to me from the horizon.              on the inside            the greytones remain.            only a faded blue led tries to break out            to kindle the soul of the soulless one             to dance with the pastels.             but i know it will fail.                  the relentness monotony of solace            overpowers the embrace.                       the arms fall back.                          i march on in circles                        in my own invisible footsteps                 and the darkness comes fast                  the piercing sound is all there is             and the light has gone                                                        but in darkness i move at breakneck speed.                                   my led a photon racing through space                        looking for a quantum crash                                                                                 and i enjoy the ride towards that flash                                                           but in this final moment.....            i....    sense the regret.                  want the redemption. redemption?              came. there. none.         just. switch off.                            ...hey there chiplovers! vedder here again in yet another chiperia edition. this chiptune called electrochips was composed at the begining of the year especially for chipera 8. really happy that it has finally been released. thanks slash and everybody else for all your hard work. greetings goes to all my fellow chiptechnicians and chipmusiclovers. see you all in the next edition. - vedder            ...hey hey  !! chiperia 8  !!    i am back again with some fresh squarewaves !         phonophobia    a fear of or aversion to loud sounds            enjoy ! hope you like it             greetings to knp and all active trackers and to all chiperia members !               for more information -  info at !         ...for years and years and years one of my favourite songs has been - shouldnt have to be like that - by norwegian band fra lippo lippi. this is my tribute to them and that song in chip form. happy summer! -alpa              ...i think its the first time i used frustration on a computer because the operative system doesnt do what you expect it to do as the main inspiration for a tune. i hope you like it anyhow. i hope to see you at the upcoming parties! cheers from notorious.           ...greetings! this time i have participated with a tune that i am really not that fond of but i guess its better to release it than to let it ron on my hd for another decade right!     you see i started this tunein 1999 then continued it in 2007 and finally finished it in 2017 for this chiperia issue.   btw this tune is dedicated to gloom for his help 10 years ago and is part of a seria which also includes songs - reeds harem - and - the hall of abyss -      also thanks to slash for inviting me back to this fun project.  more music is coming. be sure of that. wrap!         ...hi all! this is jerry back after an issues absence..  my contribution for this issue was wrapped up during paternity leave for my third son who turned 1 in may. spare time is scarce atm with three small kids - especially during the summertime so this has been a wip for a while and could sound a tad crude at some parts.. at least for my own liking. at least another finished song. this song was made with a faster speed and bpm than i usually use to get a more floating sound - hard to explain what i had in mind.. but easier to work with melody wise. the foundations for the song was laid playing around on my accoustic guitar.               ...hello and welcome to chiperia 8. code by skurk - graphics by mrk. i hope you like it see you in chiperia 9.            ...hello and welcome to chiperia 8. code by skurk - graphics by mrk. i hope you like it see you in chiperia 9.            ...cryptomnesia - noun - the appearance of counciousness of memory images which are not recognized as such but which appear as original creations...           this definition pretty much describes how this tune came to be. the main melody suddenyl poppued into my mind one day fully formed and complete. it was pretty much exactly what you can hear in the first 4 patterns of the final tune. i do not know about other composers but this kind of thing doesnt usually happen for me. most of my compositions are a result of messing around in the sequencer until i stumble upon something that i think sounds good. so i was immediately suspicious that i might subconciously be remembering a song i heard somewhere before. i played early versions of this tune to about half a dozen people to confirm my suspicions but nobody could recognize it. so i decided i was gonna go ahead and finish it anyway. much later on when the track was almost finished some synapse in my brain clicked and i realized what song i got the idea from. turns out it was so distorted through the maze of memory that it did not really sound similar to the original.. but to me the connection was clear. i have unwittingly plagiarized a song. i am pretty sure you will not be able to figure out which one it is but if you think you can prove me wrong feel free to get in touch. beer is on me for the first person to guess right!             greets must go to everybody in reality insane all of chiperia family and all other chiptune lovers listening to this collection. juice over & out - see you in the next one