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Welcome to Chiperia 4. The series continues as promised. This time you will get a new bunch of fresh tunes and a different GUI. Sorry guys for not bringing AHX format for this issue as stated before but we will make a separate Chiperia AHX edition later instead. We will now focus on Chiperia Christmas Edition that will be out around Christmas - see you then! And of course there will be an Issue 5...

                                        Hello mygg on the Keys.  Yet another entry in chiperia. Since the state of the tunes didnt had to be much 'mys' anymore, I just had to do a heavy chip. Hope you guys enjoy it and thanks to all great amiga People that are contributing to this great chip music disc.                                       hello slash on the keys. this is my contribution to chiperia 4, see you in chiperia christmas edition. thanks to 

all the contributors. // slash                                     well hey there. its Bex/SLP/RiFT on the keys. just gunna send out a few greats if i may: Motion/Artstate, All in RiFT, All in Slipsteam (including m0d who has saved my life a few times), all in Cosine, H0f/Unstable, TDK, Triace/Desire, All the Chiperia massive, and anyone else i may hav forgot. thats it from me. bizzy girl, lots to do. zarch!!!                                     NOTORIOUS WRITES: ANOTHER CHIPERIA EDITION! HAPPY TIMES! MY CONTRIBUTION TO THIS ISSUE IS IN MINOR DUE TO THE COMING WINTER COLD AND DARKNESS. IT'S SAFE TO SAY THAT IT ISN'T MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR. MIND YOU, I LOVE SKIING, BUT I NEVER SEEM TO GET AROUND TO DO IT ANYMORE. BACK TO THE TOPIC OF MUSIC, THE TUNE ISN'T REALLY A HYMN PER SE, IT'S HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION. I FELT LIKE I COULDN'T JUST NAME IT AUTUMN. ANYWAY, I'M STILL TRYING TO IMPROVE MY GAME SO I WILL RELEASE MORE GOODIES AHEAD. GREETS TO MY FELLOW GROUP MEMBERS IN POWERLINE, SCOOPEX AND STRUTS. ALSO GREETS TO PACIFIC, TULOU, UPROUGH, NAH-KOLOR, C-LOUS, INSANE, AND ALL THE PEOPLE OF DEMO BEER GOTHENBURG!                                     Bum-di-da-di....Triace here saying a shy hi and welcome to another chiperia with yet another little happy chippie from yours truly. One or two might have recognized this one already as I remade a little song of mine, this time a tiny pokey tune. Yep, this one was used in an Atari intro.......needed to retrack it as a mod, as the pokey version was pretty fucked up due to damn pokey detune issues. So here we are. Please don't take this track too seriously, it's just some very basic happy track. Happy Hippo greetings to all I know and especially you as you seem to have dared to switch on this tune ...have a nice day and always be polite. Say no to terrorism and make this world a peaceful place to live in....Triace signing off                                      VEDDER HERE. I FINALY HAD SOME TIME OVER TO MAKE ANOTHER TUNE FOR CHIPERIA IN BETWEEN MY ATTEMPT TO LEARN HOW TO CODE ASSEMBLER. THIS TUNE WAS A LOT OF FUN TO DO, TRIED OUT SOME NEW IDEAS BUT IT STILL SOUND A LOT LIKE VEDDER. THE TUNE IS CALLED "LATE NIGHT BLUR" AND WAS MADE MOSTLY IN THE LATE HOURS OF THE DAY IN A SORT OF BLUR. HOPE YOU ENJOY IT! FAST GREETZ TO THE INSANE POSSE AND TRIACE, NOTORIOUS AND GEMINI AND SO ON...                                     HI LISTENERS, JERRY OF DESIRE TYPING SOME LINES FOR A NEW EDITION OF CHIPERIA. MY CONTRIBUTION FOR THIS ISSUE, “IN LIMBO” IS INSPIRED BY RECENT LIFE EVENTS. WE ARE ALL OF A SUDDEN SURPRISINGLY EXPECTING OUR THIRD CHILD (NOT ENTIRELY AS PLANNED, BUT THAT’S LIFE). IN ADDITION, MY WORK AS AN IT CONSULTANT IS ON A BIT OF A HOLD AS I AM BETWEEN ASSIGNMENTS. EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE IN SORT OF A LIMBO AT THE MOMENT.. THE SONG WAS COMPOSED DURING OCTOBER 2015 (MOSTLY ON THE 25TH) AND CONSISTS OF MULTIPLE PARTS AND HAS SORT OF A MELANCHOLIC VIBE TO IT (OR SHOULD I SAY SURPRISED/SHOCKED/CONFUSED?) .. THAT IS HOW I FEEL THESE DAYS ANYWAY :) .. AT LEAST I AM ON A CREATIVE FLOW MUSIC-WISE…  GREETINGS TO ALL CHIP LOVERS OUT THERE AND MY FELLOW SCENERS, AND SEE YOU IN THE NEXT EDITION…                                      i do hope you enjoy this slighty downbeat little zik... nuff hugs to all especially everyone who enjoys the fact this tune has no kickdrum in it - your brain kinda adds it in... interesting eh? hehe                                     Yes it's been 25 years ago when i released my very first chiptune done with Startracker so i feel really proud to found back my passion for composing some new chiptunes. "25 Years later" is the the third mod in 2015 and there will be a 4th one coming for Chiperia X-Mas Edition.

Now i want to send out some hugs to a few old friends like Virgill, H2O, Dascon, Chromag and of course to all my loyal fans: A special thanks goes to Johan Elm for giving me the opportunity to be part of this great project!. 

Now feel free to enjoy this lovely track.. yours W.O.T.W.                                     It has been the most amazing journey so far. It all began when sitting in a car going home from a market in the northern parts of Sweden. I was looking at the homepage for Edison, which was fully booked, while texting with Danko. There had been heavy rains but as we go closer to Stockholm I saw a gigantic double rainbow appearing. I had never seen that before. I wrote to Danko that I wish to go to Edison next year since this year was full. And then he texted back that there had been an opening, and that I was in. He had made it happen. I was floored. Last time I was at a copyparty (as they where called back then) was in 1991. ECES. There I had not entered the music compo, since I knew everyone else was there, and Firefox, my hero, was main judge. But my friend had entered my song, without me knowing about it. And low and behold, I won. Totally floored by this but happier than a puppy on his first walk outside. Now 24 years later, it was time again. I was working on a song for the streaming compo. Danko helped me a out a lot with the arrangement and the mix. I also picked an old unreleased song for the oldschool compo. Once we arrived and had entered our contributions the magic began. Met new super cool people. Had the time of my life, and ended up being recruited for a new demogroup. And now, half a year later, the magic has continued, and picked up in both pace and depth. Come january if all goes to plan we (still a secret) will be releasing a maxisingle and a video. A celebration of all we hold dear in music, the scene, the people and the awesomeness of collaborations. This song "Pyttemums" is my first tracked song in over 20 years. It is a small celebration of my first heroes Matt Gray and Firefox. I hope it will make you sitdance! Enjoy! Love you all. /ALPAidUS                                     They say third time's a charm, so I guess this is as good as it gets. Third time contributing to the chiperia project, this song was originaly an old xm of mine which never got released - actually it's one of the first xm I ever made. Extra shout outs goes to up rough, polisen, hello world, civil olydnad, data airlines and the chiperia project for keeping the fire burning.                                     It is a great honour for me to contribute to the Chiperia project - big thanks
to Slash for the encouragement, and to all involved. Sources of musical
inspiration: J.S. Bach, Cheiron Studios.
                                     DJ Joge and a chip tune - does not compute - syntax error - GURU MEDITATION!!! Naah, for the 4th edition of Chiperia I finally decided to contribute (or actually did run out of excuses not to compose a tune this time either, heh). As always with Amiga modules, I wanted to give myself a challenge. So I checked the average file size of modules for this issue (by the time of writing this scroll text there are 13 other modules and more still are coming, wow!). The average size for those 13 modules is 37693, so I pimped and pimped my tune to get it finally down to 30284 (that's 29.5kb) while still making it sound not-so-chippish all the time. Hence the title, wait until the last minute of this 02:56 long song :) ...Greetz to all my friends in the demoscene \o/                                     It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself The music is not in the notes,but in the silence between.