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 yeah of course !!!  ))))) the champs (((((  present : winter olympiad 88(broken on 12.2.88 by dr. pablo)    if you want a contact with us then write to : plk 064545 c  4650 gelsenkirchen  west'germany !!!   the best salute go to : hotline high'quality'cracking and delta'force (the best get better !!!)    the special greetings in alphabetical order go to : axxess antitrax bfbs blizzards bs1 bst ccw ernie free'network general indy ibb megaforce new'age mr.newlook northern'lights powerxtreme random'access red s. sf skyline tristar tlc tom visitor wizards and all the others we know....   comming soon more and more new prg from the unattainable   ))))) the champs ((((( in 1988 !!!!!