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WELCOMES YOU TO A MUSIC DISK CALLED:                     - S H A T T E R E D   H A R M O N Y -CHOOSE BETWEEN THE FOLLOWING:                                TRIUMPH OF LIFE                               NIGHTFALL ON VENUS                                  GRILLPARTAJ                               THE GREETINGS LISTCREDITS:  COMPOSING, SAMPLING & SCROLL TEXT POETRY            :MR.BAP  CODING, FRACTAL CALCULATING & GFX                   :NURGLE  DISK ROUTINES                                       :DR.DOS  COLOURS                                             :MEGATRON  THIS FONT                                           :ANTIACTION / DEFJAMYOU CAN WRITE TO US IF YOU WANT ...        CODERS WRITE TO:      MUSICIANS WRITE TO:      SWAPPERS WRITE TO:        NURGLE                MR.BAP                   STONEMAN        SOLRINGEN 13          ASPETORP                 HAGMARKSVAGEN 6        556 31 JONKOPING      560 28 LEKERYD           740 22 BALINGE        SWEDEN                SWEDEN                   SWEDENOR CALL:+46-(0)36-66296       +46-(0)36-80511          +46-(0)18-355667CALL OUR BOARDS AT: +46-(0)8-364892 - MERGE  OR  +46-(0)8-7426831 - MERGE 2GREETINGS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER:ACE                 ACID FORCE          AMADEUS             ANARCHYBALANCE             BATMIGA             BRAINSTORM          CAVECINEFEX DESIGN      CRUSADERS           CRYPTOBURNERS       DEFJAMD MOB               DREAMLINE           DR.HEX              DUAL CREWELITE INC.          EXODUS              FACE 101            FACTOR 4FASHION DESIGN      FAST                GATE                HORIZON (C64)IBB                 IPEC ELITE          KEFRENS             LEVEL 4LIGHT               MEAN MACHINE        MIDWAY              MR.ACIDMYTHOS              NORTH STAR          PANIC               PHENOMENAPOWERDRIVE          POWER HOUSE         PUSSY               QUARTEXRAFIQ               RAZOR 1911          REBELS              RED SECTOR INC.SBC                 SHARE & ENJOY       SILENTS             SKID ROWSPRINT              STRANGERS           SUPPLEX             THCTHEM                THERMAL             TOXIC               TOXIC WASTETRIBE               TRISTAR             TRIUMPH             TWILIGHTUNIT 5              WORLD VISION        ZYLON/ALPHA FLIGHTMEMBERS OF TETRAGON ARE:GAHN       ORBIT      LASER      MR.BAP     SURCHARGE  STONEMAN   NEWRAYBUZZARD    DR.PEPPER  MR.MAD     TURTLE     NURGLE     SPIFF      SCREWBALLYGGDRAZIL  OZARK      ALISTAIR   MINT       INFERNO    CHAOS      RILLEOBSERVER