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          right to the date of christmas.....the software-companies are totally depressed, because there are still enough crackers to crack their games! many groups try to bring fast stuff on the market, but only some groups have quality! we can say that we are the last ones !!!    we present : 'side arms+' ..... protection removed and game trained by ch of tsk !!   sorry for the graphic bugs but the original had errors !!!! in  we     for trading write to: 38, 8784 trieben, austria..........time for the greetings.....hello to: world of wonders, thrust, trilogy, ackerlight, bamiga sector one, red sector & defjam, tristar, powerslaves, megaforce, the band, vision factory and beyonders, the accumulators, mad monks, ipec elite, kefrens and 7 up-crew, beastie boys, jungle command, the silents, public enemy no.1, invisible crime, level one and the dream team, quoram, the sunriders, the wizards, alcatraz, madonna association, the supervisors and ddc, ikari, the supply team, ibb-dt-tkh, and all our other contacts........          tsk-crew: the voice of a new generation (without losers?)