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welcome !  this is  virgill´s new musicdisk called ´´viktoria´´ !  it contains a music-link-system to use any data-disk for ´´viktoria´´.     instructions:  click on one of the four buttons in this box.  the (s)-button activates the soundmenu to choose one of the music on the actual data-disk.  the (c)-button closes the menu and shows the credits. after the credit-part you can insert another data-disk, and the menu starts again.  with the (t)-button the text menu appears.  with the (note)-button you can switch the music off or on. if you can´t see the intro-part any more, just press the left mousebutton while booting the disk (but i think you don´t need that !).               

                hello my bloody music-lovers out there !   those of us who have the audacity and pretentiousness to write about music for a living accept that is part of the price we must pay for this self indulgence is to be regulary under fire from the music loving public because of our wayward or worthless opinios, our cloth ears, arrogance, or our total failure to appreciate that musician x is infinitely superior to musician y !  but perhaps the misdemeanour for which music writers are most frequently condemned is that of attempting to put labels on music. in this context it is fair to say that musicians themselves are often as bitterly critical as the scene. it is easy to understand their irritation because creative artists cannot be put into regidly circumscribed categories and, in any case, no two people mean exactly the same thing if they talk about pop or electronic funk or techno soul fusion. but the musical omosis, the complex intermixing of sound, styles and samples which now characterises the international music scene has really thrown the labellers into total disarray. i think that no one has contributed more to the confusion that currently reigns the compulsive characterisers than virgill.    ´´ihr findet mich ja sowieso toll, sonst haettet ihr den scrolltext nicht so weit gelesen...´´   and now bloody handshakes to my friends:  microforce, boones, zap, cougar, peachy, emax, wotw, blackthorne, chromag, don cato, twillight-doc.holyday, mace, ukullele, dreamer, madison, flynn, irata, coolcat, romeoknight, wayne mendoza,, crash, argon, crazy crack, skull, tsm, warhead, capella, tron and of course my dear friend jester and many many more... bye bye all my dear friends.. till next time !!!...          

                hello world. with this disk we´ve released our first production for trsi. it took some month longer to finish than we wanted, but by disregard this, we think it´s well done. and all coders know: a real program never will be finished !  let´s give some notes about the intro-part: the first effect, we calls him the ´´mario-kart-effect´´, cause we invents him after playing ´´super-mario-kart´´, is about one year old. it looks really better if you use a more coloured street-track-bitmap. a new version contains a free 180 degree turn. with the same alrorithm we´ve done a 3d-zooming and rotating bitmap-tunnel, too. and remember: this is the original !!   the second effect is only a shiddy coppereffect, but looks better than nothing (e.g. a black screen (hehe)).   the third intro-part-routine was originally created for a complex one-bitplane zooming and rotating scroller. but virgill wants it in this part and now it looks like it looks.  ... after all, we must say, that making games brings just more fun. -and mostly coding a shoot´em up-    finally we gave some greets to the following people: blackthorne, control, microforce, tsm, viola bros., warhead and all our friends !  speazial thanx goes to fiver for some graphics in the intro-part.  ps: habt ihr den virgilltext schon bis zum ende gelesen ? last cry is heard: ´´nun ist er tot, er trinkt kein wein und isst kein brot, sein bauch ist leer drum ham´ wir mehr.... --the end !?--                

                ...the god of style, in this case the beautiful fadeone, announces the following important sentences to his petty slaves...for this holy product i used the following aids: amiga 2000 with two diskdrives (and a ugly spreadpoint sticker on it), a standard mouse from my cousin, a 1084s commodore monitor, a ctk 14400 modem, an aiwa walkman, many noname disks, the telekom, mci and at and t, many books, much money for stamps, an uncountable amount of erdinger beer (the best!, you stupid people without faith), southern comfort with cherry (even better, dummies), a car (for driving to my favorite discos) and ofcoz many other things (na, no fairytale books) which you, collected scum, don´t give a fuck (!) about.   till next time my little believers!                

                welcome lamers to another excellent production by the allmighty and everlasting tristar and red sector inc.   ... the spirit continues and will live on longer than any of you mortals will. this spiritual text is brought to you by yours ungodly master of darkness, better known as the evil scientist of the scene, warhead! my deepest thanx must go out to the twins for finally finishing this shit, virgill for the fantastic musics, fade one for the excellent graphics, life of agony, cathedral, type´o´negative and amorphis for the perfect musical entertainment and the alcohol for keeping me alive. my deepest thanx and regards must go out to all members of the organization, the cooperation, simply the group that gives my life a sense since october 91... keep it up! i don´t think that it is necessary to list up all the ´makers´ behind the scenes... you know who you are and you will always be on my mind! thanx to everybody giving all his time and ´blood´ for this group... remember that this is no group, it is a religion...   next release from us will be a mindblasting slideshow by fiver, rewired and tension with code by orbit and our new coder errox. watch out, lowlifes! also, in some months the saga will continue. yeah, it´s unfuckingbelievable but suicid no.7 will definately come! the new code was done by madison and the new maineditor, after i failed at this job because of time and motivationproblems and some other private troubles i don´t want to list up here, will be shade!!! but i will start up my own column in suicid and believe me, i won´t creep in your asses as some other ´top´ discmags like it so much! we´ll tell u the truth, suckers!!     ok, the commercial part.. you can contact me on the following fab bulletin board systems... mortuary, the cauldron, pirates haven, fraett´s office and zinkfloid´s soon coming bbs. you can also still reach me at my known address, but remember: no swapping, no lamers, no beginners, no girls! only tru scene elite!    that´s all... get a life, u dirty motherfuckers!         ... this scrolltext is dedicated to virgill... and always remember: cobain did the right thing, suicide is allright!                          

                if you dare to contact virgill, then write to jochen feldkoetter, ledderstr. 50, 49477 ibbenbueren (germany)    to contact the twins, write to andre and frank hugenroth, am birkenwaeldchen 30, 49477 ibbenbueren (germany)   to contact fade one, write to martin sauter, raiffeisenstr. 7, 85567 grafing bei muenchen (germany)   to contact fiver (5r), write to thomas mahlke, am neuen teich 58, 22926 ahrensburg (germany)                 

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