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  -the austrian division-

 call now one of europe`s
fastest multinode systems


   `savage amusement`   
    +43 767 227 743
   3 nodes ringdown 

supporting amiga, ibm and
the home of the diskmag
suicid !!!

some furher information 
sysop:          prayer/trsi
co-sysop: capslock man/trsi
             motif 8/shades

prayer sends his regards to:
ralph/2000ad  trade/scoopex
ufo and metal death/leprosy
imagic/5th dynasty  steve/d+r
communicator/leprosy and to
modemtraders all over the 

also support our other boards
      +31 548 040 653 (dual)
      sysop is sal-one

`paranoid illusion`
      +1 203 859 0335 (dual)
      sysop is buzzsaw

      +35 808 044 781
      4 nodes ringdown
      sysop is the man

      +1 310 652 5688
      3 nodes ringdown
      sysop is metoner

watch out for suicid iss. 7
which is about to be releasedin early october 1993
containing a totally new codeand a lot of smashing 

credits for this bbstro
code:        dream warrior
font:               domino
muzak:                emax
logo:               peachy

contact me (dream warrior)
for whatever at:

 dream warrior/trsi
  p.o. box 9
  a-9712 fresach

  no illegal stuff !!!

message to capslock man:

yoh man, performer/melon
showed me how to skin your
 cat !!!.