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hello everybody! welcome to the first production made by polish division of trsi! yes, after long time, we are proud to present this little borntro, released at the prima vera party. ok, some infos. trsi in poland are born at 11th january 1994! today in polish division of trsi are 12 members: dr.d, graphician, he joined from investation; leviathan, coder, he joined from investation; norby, swapper and polish organizer, he joined from investation; pluton, graphician, he joined from union; python, swapper and graphician, he joined from union; reset, raytracer, he joined from investation; seq, graphician, he joined from union; tap, coder, he joined from investation; tees, graphician, he joined from fear; tom, coder, he joined from union; walt, coder, he joined from investation; xtd, musician, he joined from union, but he is also a mystic member. and that is all in trsi pl! we have a lot of planes about coming productions, but these are big surprises for this year! so, if you want to contact trsi pl, just write to: norby of trsi, po box 20, 56300 milicz, poland! or python of trsi, po box 105, 43200 pszczyna, poland! ok, and now some infos about this production. all code by tap and walt! graphics by seq, jezo, pluton and dr d ! all music by xtd! this stuppid scroll by norby! ok, some important notes about microtune modules... what is a microtune? this is a short, synthetic module, which has not more than 999 bytes after crunching. idea of microtune modules was made by xtd about half year ago... ok, and now some greetings to the following: sanity, movement, scoopex, rebels, razor 1911, fairlight, applause, complex, absolute!, spaceballs, virtual dreams, darkness, zenith, alcatraz, energy, classic, quartex, the silents, bonzai, mystic, freezers, balance, pulse, mad elks, f.c.i, nova, infect, ram jam, isch crew, speedy, majic 12, cadaver, iris, nuance, alchemy, kefrens, blaze, vision, melon dezign, interactive, scandal, desire, effect, dcs, hazard, arise and all forgotten! ok, that is all in this scroll! and now, read suicid, the mag for readers and remember, back to the roots! scroll restarts...