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 Support IT!                             /\                  /\________|__
            ____                  ______/  \______  /\______/    _____/\
   _ _/\_ __\  /__/\______ _ _    \   _    o _   /_/__     /____   _ /__\Sk¡n
     cDr\\\_ \/\__   ____/// / by  \__/     \\__/.   /    /    /   //   o\
           |    |    |            +--/________\//    \   /________ /     \\--+
           l____|____|            : /         /______|\____\     \/\______/  :
 | * Messages section: IT mag-pack by NORBY/TRSI! * Today massages from... * |
 |      *   NORBY/TRSI                 *   BEAVER MASTER/F.C.I.       *      |
 |      *   CHRIS/SCOOPEX              *   FELIX/SPEEDY               *      |
 |      *   HOGAN/LADYBIRD DESIGN      *   LEON/INDEPENDENT           *      |
 |      *   QBA/TRSI                   *   STIMPY/S!P                 *      |
 |      *   WATTS/NEO                  *   WOLFMAN/BALANCE            *      |
 |           *** Send your messages to Norby/TRSI or Qba/TRSI! ***           |
                       *** MESSAGES FROM NORBY/TRSI ***
 Small message to all: I wait for answers from some of my contacts loong time!
 I used shity post-office in past and postmans stole a lot of my letters! From
 September'94  I use new post-office from my study-town and I have no problems
 with  post,  anymore!  But  I still wait for some old answers, so I decide to
 write this list!  If you are still active on the scene, write to me again for
 continue our swapping!  Well, I wait for letters from:
    VIRUS/ARISE                WEA/ANALOG               ROD/BANANA DEZIGN
    NOP/SAINTS                 APEMAN/DAMONES           THOR/NUANCE
    ACEN/COMPACT               DRAGON/INCAL             SATURN/RAZOR 1911
 I send  also my contact-letters to some of nice scene dudes, but I still have
 no answer...   Maybe  you  are  not  interesing  in  swapping,  but  maybe my
 contact-letter lost on the shity post...  So, if you are interesing, write to
 me for 100% answer and nice swap-time together!  And here's list:
    MAC/STELLAR                KILLRAVEN/DCS            TSM/TRSI
    SKULL/JETSET               EKSEC/INFECT             ZENIT/COMPACT
 If  you  had  no letter from me since long time...  write to me again!  I had
 big sending (about 100 letters) in June'94 and probably half of these letters
 was  dropped  by fucking post...  Now I have better sending-system and I have
 no  more lost letters, so I can swap like hell!  But if you still wait for my
 letter,  send  me  a  post-card or just letter with one disk and we can still
 swap...  Greetings to all my contacts and friends...  CU SOON!
 ******************** MESSAGES FROM BEAVER MASTER/F.C.I ********************
 Amon/Mystic : Hej! Hope you feel good back in Sundsvall,send soon!
 Bad Cat/I.B.B : Hi grandpa! Nop,only joking,i really hope you feel good
                 old friend! CU! BTW Nice sendings!
 Blast/Energy : Hi Blast! Felling good? Hope so...Anyway CU!
 Blazeleader/Electra : Lamer attack! I dont think you reading this but if
                       you do,then phone me some day,please!!!
 Cetrix/Freezers : Hmmm,diskstealer or what!?!?!!?
 Dr.Crazy/Legacy : Why delay when freeplay..Hmm not so good joke...Send some
                   day baby!
 FCE/Chaos D-sign : Dont forget me!!! SEND!!! CU!
 Fugazi/Disorder : Hope you like you new group,i hope to see you some day...
                   Thanx for nice C64 sendings!!!
 Groogy/Lime : Hej och ho i Ryssby!!! Bajs i brallan och hat brau...
 Lenin/Freezers : Hi mate,hope you feel good and write more about girls!
                  CU someday!!
 Lucifer/Technology : Why delay?!?!? Hmmm...CU!
 Netrunner/Chrome : Long time no disc! Hmm..Send or die!
 Noodle/Facets Pussy/Desire : Hi friend!!! Hope you feel good and send soon!
                              Hope to cu att da Party IV!!!
 Norby/TRSI : Hi friend,the pack IT! is superb. Thanx for alsways nice
              sendings and everything,keep care...CU!
 Oxbow/Legion : Ha,aha,ha are you an joke or what...Nop keep care and...
                and...and...dont play to much BINGO LOTTO!!!
 Payday/Corpse : Hi Payday...Nice pack!! Keep care and dont play to much
                 SNES...Hmmm where did that came from...Empty Head!!
 Pennie/Bronx : Hi girl,keep care and i hope to meet you someday,cu!
                BTW nice sednings!
 Phuture/Saints : Hmmm MIN LILLA KANIN!! SKICKA!!!
 Plugster/Defiance : Fint jobbat med BUZZ'en!! Ha't bra vi syns pa party IV!!
 Raze/Depth : That was so fucking bad to hear that you was forced to quit 
              swapping,you RAZE! Should know that you where one of my best
              contacts...CU at the Party IV!!!
 Shade/TRSI : Send to me someday!!! CU!
 Slash/Megapowers : How's life in New Zealand??? Here in Svezia it all rigt!!
                    Send soon,hope to CU! But i dont think you will come
                    to da Party IV!!! :-) But be sure to recive all new
                    stuff from the party from me,but you have to send 
                    some day!!! CU!!!!!!
 Tailgunner/Orbital : Hi!!! Nice walk in da forest isn't it???
                      Have you catched some fish today???
                      Nop,i havent!! Anyway nice sendings fill good
                      and send soon yours...
 Toxic/Illegal : Hmmm,we're did you go??? Im here...:)
 Trooper/Lego : Hi!!! Nice sending n stuufff...Take care and kiss your 
                girlfriend from me...CU!
 UfO/Orient : Hmmm,ha,ha lilla Daniel din fula faaan...Jag hoppas du inte
              bajat ned dig med klet...Rava inte mycke'...Du ar sa otroligt
              slo sa du kunde platsa som vakt pa Pluto!!!
 Unholy/The Edge : Long time...Since last..Send soon or... :) CU!
 Viper/Diffusion : hmmm,did your pack goes before me!!! Or what???
                   I only joke,why not re-contact me...Send sooooon! :)
 Warlock/Diffusion : Your fucking LAMER!!! Why spread around that im an nazi,
                     when i hate nazi's?!?!?!!? CU in hell dont be late :)
 Zinko/Kefrens/Polka Brothers : Hi mate,thanx for reply me,hope to cu at the 
                                Party IV! Keep kare...
 All in Flying Cows Inc : Nice to be in an group with members like U!,Keep care!
 All in TRIAD C64 : I dont think you reading this but i only want to
                    say hello to you,keep care...
 To the postoffice around the world : No Comment!!!
 To everyone : Contact me now...for the latest on Amiga and C64 
               also on Gameboy :)...Beaver Master/F.C.I   S.Promenaden 16
                                    697 32 Pålsboda   Sweden.....
 To forgottens : Sorry...
 *********************** MESSAGES FROM CHRIS/SCOOPEX ***********************
 To Tfg/Sanity:
           How are You Man ! Are Too Busy To Write To me Or Have Lost My
           Adress !!
 To Sword/Scoopex:
           Yo Cem, I'm Waiting For Know Your Hollidays' Story...I Hope
           You Have Some Good And Sexy Girls !! ;->
 To Made/Scoopex:
           Hi My Friend, I Hope You Could Come Again To My House.
           I'm Waiting For It!! 
 To Dr Feelgood/Scoopex:
           As You Can See, I'm Your Friend And I Don't Forget You!!
           Hin Qtaime Bin Les k7..
 To Antibyte/Scoopex:
           I'm Waiting to See Pha-Q Part Two.With Made's Graphs..
           I Think It Will Be A Great Demo...
 To Jazz/Scoopex:
           Envoie Moi Encore Beaucoup De Modules Comme La Connical Groove  
           Et Se Sera Vraiment Genial !
 To Darren/Scoopex:
           How Are You My Pal ? Write Me Soon.
 To Laxical/Scoopex:
           Greats Modules !! Always Stay As You Are: Cool
 To Hardfire/Intense:
           I Hope See You At Another Party ! Greets
 To Delirium/Trance:
           Are You In Hollidays?? Write Me Soon.
 To Messerschmitt/RamJam:
           Another Group!! Good Luck..
 To Tuner/Hmd:
           I'm Sorry For The Delay But The Post Had Certainly Lost 
           My Sending .. Fuck The Post !!
 To Hysteric/Intense:
           No News???????
 To Oxbow/Scoopex:
           Don't Cry,I Will Help You With Your Hd...Continue to makes Good
 To Norby/Trsi:
           It Is Really Great ! I Will Support IT As A Crazy Swapper !!
           But Don't Forget To Support : Infestation.
 To Sting/Alcatraz:
           Good Swap My Friend..Write Me Soon.
 To Photos/Eremation:
           I Think You're A Really Good Graphician ..But Don't Forget Me..
 To Tos/Slc:
           Thanx For Your Support.Good Luck With Your New Group.I Hope
           See You Again!
 To Cyryx/ERM:
           Alors Ptit Gars Comment Ca Va? I Think You Are The Worst 
           Graphician Of The World!!!! HumHum... Bye My Friend
 To Matrix/Ngc:
           You're A really Cool Guys..Write Me Again And See You Soon..
 To Mdb/Alcatraz:
           Really Thanx For Your Support.I Hope You Will Come Again In 
           France! I Hope See You AGain At The Party 4.
 To Qba/TRSI:
           Cool To Be In Touch With You !!
 To Psy/Scoopex:
           Welcome In Scoopex ! And Continue Your Great Work !
 To Zoltar/Technology:
           I Hope Go In Poland As Soon As Possible And Perhaps
           I CoulD See You And My Others Contact In Poland..
 To Nop/Saints:
           Thanx For Contacting Me. Write Me Again.I Don't Know Turkey
           Give Me Some Informations Of This country.
 To Gold Dragon/Unlimited:
           Thanks For Contacting Me. I'm Waiting For Your Next Sending.
 To All My Contact:
           I Want Thanks You For Your Support To My Pack :Infestation.
           I Hope You Like my Swap.Don't Forget,For Me FriendShip Is The
           Best Way.Please Send Me A Photo Of You! Good Bye. Yours Chris
 *********************** MESSAGES FROM FELIX/SPEEDY ***********************
 To: Andy/Essence
 Hope you liked my sending, I'm shure waiting for yours, your friend
 Felix !
 To: Core/Disaster
 Hi Core, thanks for contacting. I'm everybody's friend so, welcome my new
 friend, keep sending nice modem stuff !
 To: Gizmoduck/Depth
 It would be nice if you could reply, are you dead or something. Anyway,
 please send something soon.
 To: Growl/Fanatic
 Hope my sending has arrived, I haven't heared from you in a while. Please
 send soon to you very best norwegian friend Felix !
 To: Lucifer/Technology
 Please send soon from your new paradise, living alone isn't exactly dull
 you know, send soon to your very best friend Felix !
 To: Maze/Exxon
 It would be nice if you could send something soon, I'm vating you know.
 Your friend Felix !
 To: MDB/Alzatraz
 Good luck in your new group, I really hope you like it, for your sake, hehe.
 Keep on sending great stuff and great letters, your very best friend Felix !
 To: Messerschmitt/Ram Jam
 Ho Ho Messer ! I'm very sorry that I didn't answer at the speed that I
 Should have, bute I hope it doesn't matter. You see, I have mooved a couple
 of blocks, be awere * new add *. Anyway, please send soon to your very
 best friend FeLiX !
 To: Moon/Abyss
 Hey there moon, my best pal ! Thanx for the nicest sending in the universe.
 You shure are a good friend, please send fast back to you very best
 norwegian friend Felix !
 To: Mr.King/TRSI
 Please send soon, I have w8ed some time for your letter now you know. I
 havent heared from you since you changed group hehe, your friend Felix !
 To: MSW/Effect
 Thanx for sending again, it's bin a long time you know. Your best friend
 FeLiX !
 To: Pantera/Gods
 Hi Speedy lover, Felix here wishing you the very best in life. Please
 send some stuff soon to your best friend FeLiX ! BTW : I have lost your
 add, but Sixpack gave it to me, I'll B sending soon !
 To: Paperboy/Simplex
 It's always nice to hear from you paperdude, nice stuff and really nice
 letters. Send soon to your very best friend FeLiX as always hehe !
 To: Reval/Infect
 Please send something soon, I haven't heared from you in a while you know.
 Please use my old add too, you must have it someplace hehe, cya my friend !
 To: Sixpack/Gods
 Don't be afraid, I will be the king soon [in JP] coz alot of new and
 [I hope] kewl sendings are on there way, you very best friend Felix !
 To: Sky/Blaze
 Very nice Sky, keep those kewl sendings comming. Send soon to your friend
 Felix !
 To: Splatterhead/???
 I'm sorry that I haven't sendt you something in a while, that's coz I lost
 your addy, I'll be sending to you when I get it oki, your friend Felix !
 To: Substance/Illusion
 Sorry for the d-lay, bin mooving again. BTW have a nice time in your pretty
 new crew. Cya soon my friend, Felix.
 To: Voyage/DCS
 I sendt a letter to you 30/8 -94, so please send something fast to me again.
 I thought we re-opened our swapping again ?! Your best friend FeLiX !!
 To: Shatterhand/Savior
 Send soon ! I have w8ed a long time for your letter and sending.
 To: Wolf/Equinoxe
 Hi Spanish friend, you're realy a kewl dude, please send more of the same
 stuff. and please send it soon, your best friend Felix !
 To: Waterhead/Ozone Free
 Send soon ! I have w8ed a long time for your letter and sending.
 To: Scraby/Humans
 Send soon ! I have w8ed a long time for your letter and sending.
 To: Cybergod/RJ & DLT
 Thanx for contactin my new friend. Please send something soon, your new
 Norwegian friend FeLiX !
 To: Ocean/Nuance
 It's bin quite a while since you sendt me some words, please inform me if
 you have quitted swapping or something, I would shure like to know old
 friend !
 To: Leon/Sardonyx
 Nice of you to be such a Speedy lover, keep on sending m8, your best friend
 ******************* MESSAGES FROM HOGAN/LADYBIRD DESIGN *******************
 Ace /Deluxe Team
 Thanx for contacting me.  Soon you'll get an answer.  CU.
 Hi!   Agin  delay  or post???  Anyway write  to  me  very soon!  ps.  Don't
 forget about A1200.B fast...
 Yep!   Your  mag  is realy cool.  I'm waiting  for  next R.O.M.'s issue and
 for your letter ofcoz!  CU.
 Bald  Horse/TRSI
 Hey  Baldi!  Agin delay?  Hm, I think that  U should write to me soon.  ps.
 Don't  send me Universe!  I have this game...
 So,  U made a VBS, but now the scheme is in Amiga magazine.
 Bigman/Vision Soft.
 Hello    Irek!     Fajnie,   ze   sie spotkalismy...   ale  nie pogadalismy
 se   za   duzo.   Eh.   Smialo  mozez zapierdolic tym dwum zgredom (wiadomo
 o  kogo  chodzi?)  ->  pojeby.  CU on next party...
 Black Angel/G.E.L. Design
 Hey!   I was at gelloween party.  But you???    Really,   I  don't  know...
 Write fast.
 Hey Arek!  Long time I haven't answer from  you.  Yep!  Now I'm waiting for
 a letter... what about your mag?  CU.
 Sorry  for  delay!!!  Now I have some photos  (yours).  But Walec also have
 some!   He told that send it to Verox of  ILS!   Very  soon you will get an
 answer from me, so...  don't worry... be smurf...  or ladybird.  Hehe!
 Thanx  for contacting me!  It's great that  you  are  Polish  guy!  So I'll
 write letters in Polish.  Bye.
 What  is going on with you?!  Why you don't  write  to me?!  I think that U
 should  send  my  10  disks  back!!!! Write soon.
 ps.   I  heard that you was fuck out from F.C.I.  It's true?
 Clever /TFD
 Thanx  for contacting me!  Yep!  Your English is good!  But mine...  hehe.
 Hi  Friderik!   Good  swap  with you. When Tutti Frutti???  Stay cool&CU.
 Very  good that you are going to make gfx  for  LBD's  intro.   Write to me
 Hey!   Thanx  for contacting me!  I'm waiting  for  a  next sending from U.
 Thanx  for  contacting  me!   So, I'm waiting     for     next     Prawda's
 (Telesphor?) issue.  Pa!
 Sux!    I   heard  that  you  was  on Gelloween  Party  (?).   But I didn't
 meet you...
 ps. Thanx for the postcard!
 I'm  waiting  for  a  letta from you! Big  delay lately!  Or post?!  Anyway
 write fast. Girlz rules!
 Hi Flakon!  He,he!  I'll call soon...
 Floppy/Vision Soft.
 Hey    Floppy!    Nice   meeting   in Bydgoszcz.   Beer  was cool.  But you
 was death (in night).  He, he.
 Witaj.   Thanx  for  an answer.  Next letter soon, so stay cool.
 Fantasy  book's  rules!   Yep!  Now I read "Lord of the rings".  Yep!  It's
 quite  well  book.   I  hope that was cool  at RPG's meeting.
 ps.When your game?
 Thanx  for  contacting  me!  You made realy  cool  ASCIIs,  so  maybe U can
 make  some  for  me and my new group? Tangz.
 Now  is  okay  - you get an answer... Uh!  You have got many work with your
 Hudinsky/Ladybird Design
 Fajnie   ze   sie  spotkalismy.   Ale dlaczego  jak  ja  pilem  z  Regnarem
 Ciebie  nie  bylo  w poblizu?  A moze tylko  tak mi sie wydawalo?  Hehe!  Z
 reszta  chuj z tym.  Aha, soon bedzie mi  potrzebne pare modulow...  Ranger
 Ci  napewno  powie  o  co chodzi.  CU soon   (?).    ps.   Beavis&Butt-Head
 Infant /FP /Desire
 Yep.   Hello  to my new friend!  Next letter  soon  and  don't forget about
 second  disk.   That's  all  in  this short message.
 Inikep /Ind.
 Hello  Kiep!   Hehe.   Thanx for cool Cindy's photos.  Nice grilz rules!
 Now  all should be okay.  I hope that we'll  meet  at  however  party!  He.
 Next letter soon, CU.
 Jack /Ind.
 Hey  Jack.   Thanx for contacting me. If  you  want  just  include a second
 Hello  to the best coder in Szczytno! Hehe.   If  you  want send to me more
 5.25"  disks  ->  Falcon/Humans  have 5.25"  disk  drive!  I haven't answer
 from  You  lately.   post?  or delay?
 ps.Thanx  that  you give me my stamps and  disks  in Bydgoszcz!
 ps2.  When "Dentka", hehe ??!!
 Thanx  for a book!  It's cool.  Maybe we'll  agin  meet at party?  Write to
 me  back  soon.   When  your  party?!
 ps.Greets    for   your   girlfriend.
 ps2.Kurde,  co  Ci  sie  stalo???  Bo slyszalem, ze odsedles ze sceny?!
 Now you needn't make gfx...
 So,  Krzycho  it's  your  handle?   I think that yes!  It's not bad handle.
 See Ya...
 Hi Bernard!  It's that we're friends. My next letter soon ofcoz I hope that
 will  be  very  long.  He!  It's cool that  you  was  in  Bydgoszcz!  Maybe
 we'll  meet at our Libation Camp '95? Stay coool.
 Witajcie  towarzyszu!   Cool that you was  at  gelloween party.  Now I know
 what is with you...  write soon!
 Hi  Peter!   Your new handle is quite well.   Hehe!   Sorry for all fucking
 delays.   Now  should  be  better.  I hope  that  you  enjoying yourself at
 holidays!   STAY COOL!  ps.  pc suxxx 4ever!  He!
 Thanx for contacting me!  I'm waiting for  a  next  letter.   Long  letters
 rules?   Well,  it's very good.  Stay cool.
 Hi  brother!   Lately  no answer from you.  Yep!  Is it a little delay?  Or
 pOST?   Can  you make some asciis for me?  Okay?!  Thangz.
 Mik/The Interceptors
 Hey  guy!   Delays  sux!  Write to me back  soon!!!   Isn't  good  that you
 don't  be  present at gellowen party. Bye.
 Hi!    Well,   I  don't  "teach"  you anymore!    And  don't  forget  about
 this:Amiga   and   Friendship   ruleS forever!!!   C Ya soon.
 ps.When next issue of your mag?
 So,  you  have a little problems with pOST?   BTW:  Delay?  Or pOST?  Write
 to me back soon.
 Czesc  Norbert!   Szkoda,  ze  se nie pogadalismy (za duzo) w Bydgoszczy...
 szczeguly  w  liscie.  A na nastepnym party  odrobimy  zaleglosci  -> vodka
 rules!  Hehe.
 Czesc  Macieju!  Ale sie najebales... a na dworcu w Bialogardzie bylo COOL.
 ps.  Send greets to Andrzej!
 It's  great  that  you like vodka and other  stuff  like  this.   So  maybe
 we'll  meet  and also drink something (he!)  at  a  next  party?  Who know?
 Ranger/Ladybird Design
 Hello  to  my friend!  It's cool that you  like  long  letters.   It's cool
 that  we meet in Bydgoszcz!  And also it's   cool   that  our  trackmo  was
 released.  See U zun...
 Saddam/Single Density Software
 Thanx  for contacting me.  You'll get an  answer soon.  So, one more Saddam
 at the scene? Greets for C64 scene.
 Hi Obi!  Isn't good that you don't be present  at gelloween party!Long time
 I don't see you...
 Hugh!    Great  travel  to  Gelloween Party.  Hehe.  Send greets to Maniek.
 Jutu  must (ofcoz) do for you a boot. Pa,pa.
 Thanx   for   contacting   me!   Yep! Tolkien rules, "Lord Of The Rings" is
 realy  cool!   Write  fast  becouse I don't  have  an  answer lately.  post
 Spec/Ladybird Design
 Alo  alo!   Nice  meet  in Bydgoszcz. Zajebiscie   duzo   piwa   Ci  sie  w
 rekawach   miesci.    Cool!    Mozesz kiedys  do  mnie callnac.  Hehe.  Ale
 tylko voice.  A jak by Ci odpowiadalo pisanie  letterkow,  to no problem ->
 moze  napisalbym do Ciebie.  Co Ty na to?   Jakby  co to ewentualnie mozesz
 sie  ctx'nac (ale chujowo wyglada ten mesacz  bez  Polish  fonts'ow) ze mna
 przez Regnara.
 Speed Devil/Far Side
 Hejho   Devil!    When   you  release someting? Ofcoz negzt sending soon.
 Hogwh!   So, now you are in Analog... no, in Triflex and...  Addonic.  Yes.
 So   I'm   waiting   for  some  yours productions.  Ofcoz, if you want just
 write to me longer letters.  Okay?
 Star Trep it's a good idea!  Okay.  I can make a code.  Call or write to me
 Steve Jones/Anathema
 Hello  my  good friend!  Long letters rulez  forever  and it is realy cool!
 Okay  it's  all in this short message because  now  I have to write a realy
 long letter to you.  Hehe!
 Vasyl/Ladybird Design
 Hi!   Thanx  for  nice letters.  Cool that  you  take  Latro  to Bydgoszcz.
 Hi   friend!    Thanx  for  tune  for Humans'  swaptro.   As you know now I
 am  i  LBD.   Write  to me back soon. Stay cool!  ps.  delay?  or post?
 The King/Illusioin
 Hi  Pawel!   Wow, cool that you write now not so short letters!  Okay, I'll
 spread  votesheets  for your mag-pack -->  but  you also spread PMM' votes!
 Okay?!  ps.  lAC - fuck off!!!
 Well, we can swapping...  see ya.
 TRB /Ind.
 Alwayz  nice  letters from you.  It's really   important   for   me,  never
 mind...  Maybe you write something to PMM?  hehe!
 Hi!    Now   you  aren't  "belciarz". Hehe.   Vodka rulz.  And don't forget
 about  Cation's photos.  Just send it to Verox.  Bye.
 So,  Wipus  when  will  be  Vacations Report???   He,he!   This  is  all in
 this  short  message becouse now I'll call to you.
 When  you  will  go to me?  B fast... thanx for rocks.
 I'm waiting for an answer from these guys:
 Fugazi /Taurus, Monsun /Pulse, Lovely /Applause, Sebax /Obsession,
 Blaze /Balance, J.F.K /Veto(?), Tap / ex.- TRSI, Carlo / ex.- F.C.I,
 Phantom /Applause, M.A.S.E. /Ram Jam, D.John /ex.- Blaze(?),
 Yahoo /Old Bulls, Virus /Arise, Skyckad /Compact, Blitter /Damian,
 Mac Fight /DTE, Radavi /Effect, Sca /Mad Elks, Bishop /Zenon.
 So,  if  you have contact with any of these  guys,  please ask why he don't
 write  to  me  back!  Big THANX!  And remember:    fuck  off  to  all  disk
 stealers !!!
 *************************** MESSAGES FROM LEON ***************************
    BaLd HoRsE/TrSi     - Hi!, I hope you answer my letter soon.....
    BAlOo/ZiDrA         - Du verkar vara död!?.
    BeAvER MaStEr/FCI   - Tjena Bävern!, SIMP just det ja!....
    BlAsT/EnErGy        - Hi!, I hope you answer my letter soon.....
    BoO/TaLenT          - Hi!, I hope you answer my letter soon.....
    BYtEsRaPpErR/OtT    - Hej!, Yep.. kommer det någon production från Over
                          The Top snart?, skriv snart.
    cOz/InD..           - Tyvärr så blir det ingen diskmaga så jag skickar
                          tillbaks dina diskar,hoppas vi kan swappa istället!.	
    c-QuEnCe/GoDs       - JAni... Ligger du på sjukan eller?, skriv snarast.
    CuZ/MovEMenT 22     - Var inte du medlemm i hmmm... Cyber?, något i
                          den stilen!.
    CYbErGoD/RAmjAM     - Kul att vi började swappa igen!.
    DaCe/SaViOr         - Thankx for answer my letta,hope you n-joyd my stuff
                          i send you!, write soon!.
    DiAlEr/DvErSiOn TeAm- Hi!, I hope you answer my letter soon.....
    DiNo                - Hej Mammas lilla pojke, skriv snart!.
    DJ CAT/KESO         - Får du inte skicka brev för din Mamma längre?,Nej
                          jag skojar skicka snarast!.	
    DoS	(Ex PLeJmO)     - Bytte du handel därför de mobbade dig för Lejmo?,men
                          du är ju en Lamer! skriv snart,
    DUffY/SPooN         - Hej Rikard,Jag hoppas du har tid snart att börja
                          coda min packdisk?!, skriv snart.
    EiNsTeIn/BrAiNdEaD  - Tjena Henrik!,Hur går det med musikdisken?,Skriv
    EXciTe/ExCeSs       - Hej Fredrik!,Hur kunde du sprida MusicPower?.
    FaTE/OuTlAwS        - Hi!, I hope you answer my letter soon.....
    FoX/TwiLiGhTzoNe    - Din förbannade tjallare, Båtflykting är vad du är!.
    FUgAzI/DIsOrDEr     - Jag har väntat på ditt brev rätt länge nu så för
                          H.e Skriv fort.
    GeNeRAL LeE/S!p     - Jag vill att du kontaktar mig,eller du kanske vill bli
                          kallad disktjuv!.
    GRooGY/SToRM        - Var fan har du tagit vägen?,jag hoppas att du inte har
                          tagit för många groggar!.
    HOsTiLe/SaRDoNYx    - Jag har skickat brev till Duffe nu,Nu väntar jag bara
                          på ett brev från honom, hoppas jag får joina,
                          Sardonyx rulez..... 
    InFeRnO/ExCeSs      - Ska du ochså lämna Excess eller vad?.
    JaZy/ReSoLutIoN     - I still wainting (1 Year) for a letter from you so
                          hurry up!.
    JErEmY/9 DEsIGN     - Har du fått ihop medlemmar till din grupp?, skriv
    MAlAKaI/EXcEsS      - Hej!,Jag kan inte fatta att du gick över till Excess?.
    MArS/mYStIC         - Thanx for a amazing sending,I hope you like my stuff i
                          send you, write soon.
    MAsTErIX/SUpREaM    - Vart har du tagit vägen?, Swappar du med bögen Fox/Twilightzone
                          än?,Ifall du swappar med honom så be han gå och dra
                          något gammalt över sig, Twilightzone born to be shit!.
    MIkE/dLT            - Jag hoppades att du skulle se mitt första medellande
                          men det gjorde du inte så jag skickade ett till brev
                          till dig!, skriv snart!.	
    mIKo63/IRis         - Thanx for a cool sending, but you most be faster!.
    MInT                - Tjaba Olov!, hur går det med diskmags menyn?, skriv
    MR KiNg/TrSi        - Hi!, Always hot stuffs from you, Thanks.
    NiGhThAwK/ReBeLs    - Hi!, I hope you answer my letter soon.....
    NoRbY/tRsI          - Hi ! Thx 4 a great sending, write soon my body gaurd!.
    PAyDAy/FReeZeR      - När kommer nästa Flashware?, Skriv snart!.
    POzZ/c-LouS         - Hej Patrik!, Så du ska åka med några PC bögar till
                          partyt, Lycka till....
    QbA/TrSi            - Hi!, I hope you answer my letter soon.....
    QwErTy/ScOpE        - Hi!, I hope you answer my letter soon.....
    RaNdY/SuBjEcT       - Är din anci-collection färdig snart?, skriv snart +
                          skriv gärna lite om Jennie.... hmmmm
    RaCe/FaNaTiC        - Hi!, I hope you answer my letter soon.....
    SNoWfIrE/DaYLiGht   - Har dagsljuset slocknat?,du måste för helv... skriva
                          tillbaka med en enda gång!.
    STeFfeN/SpEeDy      - Sorry i cant come to the party, Good luck on the
                          party!, write soon!
    STiMpY/S!P          - Har ni fått fler medlemmar?, skriv snart!.
    SpEcTrAL/MaGic      - Tack för en helt underbar sänding,så du kan inte åka
                          till partyt, inte jag heller!.
    SpLaTeRheAd/AnAlOg  - Thanx for your letter, hope you contact me in the
    TrAsH HeAd/MyStIc   - Hi Trash Head!, I wainting for your pack!.
    UlTrA-SoNiC/ObS     - Hi!, I hope you answer my letter soon.....
    WaTeRhEaD/OzOnE fReE- Hi!, I hope you answer my letter soon.....
    WIlDIe/InD..        - Hallå Henrik!, hallå! var är du?, skriv snart!.
    yafFLE/INsanE       - Jag väntar & väntar, skriv snart!.
    ZaP/ToMaTo DeSigN   - Hi!, I hope you answer my letter soon.....
    ZiBi/FcI            - Hi!, I hope you answer my letter soon.....
    TwIlIgHtZoNe        - Ni är den enda gruppen som är skit,Big Wig gå och
                          dränk dig din 08,Intelphobia hur fan kan du skryta
                          med din codning jävla lam skalle!.
 ************************* MESSAGES FROM QBA/TRSI *************************
 Acid/DYT:  Thanx for support to It & cool Modules.
 Alhazred/Spasm:  Thanx for cool stuff & letters.
 Alis/Mad Elks:  Kiedy wreszcie odpiszesz.  Odeslij moja instrukcje od Reala!
 Andreas/IND:  Sorry za deley ale chyba rozumiesz?!
 Avenger/Giants:  Thanx for last stuff, short letter rulez.
 Backfire/ex.Applause:  Szkoda ze odszedles ze sceny, fajnie sie z Toba
 Bald Horse/TRSI:  Jak zwykle dzieki za giery! Extra ze poprawiles te bledy
                   w IT'cie!
 Bartesek/Casyopeya:  Dzieki jak zwykle za fajne moduly i extra listy.
 Beholder/Diffusion:  Your disk always is read error, plesa check disks.
 Black Angel/Gel Dezign:  Moim zdaniem party w Bydgoszczy to totalna klapa.
                          Jak tam gierki sie podobaly? I co z tym programikiem
                          dalo by rade go zrobiê?
 Blast/Energy: Why do no write letter to me?
 Bodzio/The Edge:  Zajebisty pomysl z tym Quizem do ITa.  Napisz wkoncu.
 Booger/Abstarct:  Czekam na liscik!
 Break Beat/Speedy:  Thanx  for  cool tune to my pack.  I stop my pack!!!!!!
                     Make some tune for IT.
 Candyman/Giants:  Thanx for noice stuff & letter.
 Cavit/Diffusion:  Long time no letter from you!!
 Codan/Rebels:  Long time no letter from you!!!
 Coroner/Picco:  Czemu niepiszesz?!?!?!? Przekzû ta samâ wiadomosc Malemu!!!
 Chris/Scoopex:  Why do no write to me.  I send letter to You 2 month ago!
 Chucky/Obsession:  Thanx for cool stuff last time.
 Curt Cool/Depth:  Thanx for cool modules for IT send more.
 Dalthon/Joker:  Twoje interko jest super, jak tylko bëdzie zrobione to od
                 razu podeslij.  Jak ty tam tyle tego zmiesciles.
 Dareen/Scoopex:  Thanx for answer & nice stuff!
 Dragon/Duplo & Insane:  Thanx for contacting me!!
 Dreamer/TPD:  Ten modulik Bilinskiego jest poprostu zajebisty. Gratulacje z
               powodu wygranego music compo.  Twoj modul byl zdecydowanie
 Dodger/Essence:  Next time I send you some RAP tapes!
 DSX Design/IND:  Dzieki za extra  moduliki, powodzenia w szukaniu grupy
                  napewno masz szanse na bardzo dobra grupe bo Twoje moduly
                  sâ super.
 Ender/INQ:  Dziëki za fajny modulik.
 Elis/TRSI:  Twoje efekty sa na serjo zajebiste, powodzenia w robieniu demka.
             Jak bede mial jeszcze jakies pomysly to Ci napisze.
 ESC/Appendix:  Czemu niepiszesz?  Twoje interko jest naprawde fajne!
 Exolon/Tilt:  SHORT letter rulez & panienki tez!
 Fate/Outlaws:  Always hot stuff but always slow!!!
 G1/Sardox & Obsession:  Why do you change your handle?
 Gosciak/SOK:  Podroz na party byla extra.
 Goocioo/Mayhem:  I jak tam idzie wydawanie Twojego packu?
 Heptagon/Tride: At last I have letter form you.
 Irek P./Union:  Dzieki za Pd Paradise.  Podeslij nowy numer jak wyjdzie.
 Iron/Scope:  List do Cibie wjebalo bo inne listy ktore teog dnia wysylalem
              tez niedoszly, niedlugo znow napisze.
 Immortal/Freezers:  Gratulacje z powodu przejscia do Freezersow. Cos dawno
                     nie ma lettera od Ciebie.
 Kajetan/Pride:  Twoje ovrazki sa naserjo zajebiste!!
 KR'33/Spaceballs:  Thanx for answer & cooool stuff. I send you some 24 bit
 Kratka/Mayhem:  Dzieki za ta kasetke jest super, jak zwykle dzieki za extra
 Kipers/Amnesty:  I czemu nie piszesz?
 KLF/Fate:  Thanx for contacing me!
 Kurczak/FCI:  Dzieki za odstatnie moduliki.
 Kursen/Metro:  Thanx for hot stuff.  Your intro is realy nice!
 Larry/Skulls:  I jak tam podobaly sie gierki?
 Lenin/Freezers:  Czlowieku, WIT PREMIUM jest poprostu odlotowy BEST POLISH
                  DEMO. Postaraj sie teraz odpisac szybciej niz ostatnio.
 Lenny/Scope:  Fajnie ze zadzwoniles. Tak jak mowilem Votke wysylam. I jak
               sië podoba co? Niestety narazie ta pojebana wersa z MAgami,
               obiecuje ûe jak bede mia dostep do drukari to odrazu wysylam
 Lloyd/IND:  Dawno niebylo listu od Cibie!!!
 Lovely/Appaluse:  Jak zwykle dzieki za extra modulki! Czemu tak dlugo nie
 Mac/Beton Dezign:  Dzieki za zkontaktowanie sië zemnâ!
 Magor/PIL: Wydaliscie naprawde fajne demko!
 Malaka/Phuture 303:  Thanx for contacting me!
 Manio/Ind:  Thanx for contacting me!
 Mars/Mystic:  QRVA jebana poczta zajebala list do Cibie ale to musiala byc
               Twoja poczta bo inne ktore tego samego dnia wysylalem doszly.
 Messershmitt/Ram Jam:  Long time no letter from you.  Stay cool my PAL.
 Mike/Defiance:  Thanx for last stuff, always hot stuff on your pack.
 Mogul/Ram Jam:  Why do no write to me & SIGGE??!!?!?
 Mr.KING/TRSI:  I send you more support to Never Mind!!
 MSW/Effect:  Thanx for cool modules & letter.
 MTC/Illusion:  Twoje moduliki sâ naserjo coraz fajniejsze!
 Norby/TRSI:  Podsylaj jak zawsze nowe IT'y! Party byîo chujowe jak 100
              chuji, a juz najbardziej mnie dobiîo to ûe nasze demko nie
              wyszlo. Ale chociaz sobie popilismy.
 Omega/Ind:  Postaraj sië jak najszybciej znalezc sobie jakas grupe. Twoje
             rysunki sa naprawde fajne.
 Onyx/IND:  Chujowo ze niebylo CIe znami na party.
 Overdose/TRSI:  Thanx for answer. Your pack is relaly cool, I try ever time
                 send you support.
 Pagan/FCI:  Gratulacje z powodu przejôcia do FCI.  Podeslij mi jakis swoje
             nowe rusuneczki.
 Pantera/Goods:  Thanx for message in Never Mind.
 Paperboy/Simplex:  Your pack is realy cool!!  Spread my adverts!!
 Pepe/TRSI:  Demko jest super!  Chujowo ze ta muzuka sie na party jebala.
 Python/TPD:  Czemu sie tak obrzydliwie lenisz co, napisz kiedys.
 Qwerty/Scope:  A jednak zostaîes w Scope, czemu niepiszesz co?  I czemu
                nie bylo Cie na party co?
 Radavi/Effect:  I  send  you 1 month ago letter an what? Send me modules as
 Redman/Applause:  Dzieki za extra kasetki, za ta Prodigy bede Ci wdzieczny
                   do konca zycia. Mam nadzieje ze wkoncu sie kiedys spotakmy,
                   najszybciech chyba po drodze na The Party 4.
 Regulator/???:  Thanx for nice modules!  Good luck in serch new group!
 Reset/Mystic:  Sorry Resetku ale jestem zmuszony zrobis sobie tygodniowy
                deley, mam nadziejë ze sie niewqrvisz co?
 Roberts/Applause:  Wielkie dzieki za zajebiste moduliki do ITa!!!
 Roger/PIL:  Dzieki za fajne moduliki, zrob coô do ITa. Twoj music dysk jest
             na serio cool.
 Skindiver/Abyss:  Thanx for use my adverts.  Write soon.
 SKY/Blaze:  Podeslij mi jak masz wersje Overvision która by chodzila na
 Skycland/Compact:  I wait for your letter!
 Sigge/Illusion & PIL:  Co jest QRVA czemu niepiszesz, ja Ci list wyslalem!!
                        A tak naserio to co jest z ta koszulka?
 Slayer/Blaze:  Czemu nie piszesz?
 Splatterhead/Analog: Thanx for stuff & letter!
 Stan/Illusion:  Fajnie sie gadalo na party.
 Tetsuo/Illusion:  Good luck in Illusion!  Thanx for greate modules.
 The King/Illusion:  I kiedy twoj pack?
 The Knight/Obsession:  Jak tylko wyjdzie nowy Gedan odrazu mi go podeslij.
 The Treandy Dealer/Ram Jam:  Thanx for contacting me. Send me new issue The
 Thorin/Melon Dezign & Movement:  Congratulations!!!  Cool groups!!!  Your
                                  last stuff is realy COOOOOOL!
 Trash Head/Mystic:  Szkoda ûe sie na party niezpotkalismy.
 Trastor/IND:  Zajebiscie sie z wami jechalo na party!
 Tropper/LEGO:  You change group.  Coooooool.  If you can make some TRSI
                ascii logo & QBA of TRSI?
 UFO/IDK:  Thanx for stuff.  On your disk READ errors.
 Warhawk/Obsession:  Tak jak mowies na party podeslij ten modul ze
 Woober/Saints:  Cool product form Saints!
 Zibi/FCI:  Telesphor  jest super! Nastepnym razem podesle Ci troszke kopert
            to mi posteplujesz OK.
 Zinko/Kefrens & Polka Brothers:  Mega thanx for mega cool modules send more
                                  modules by Heatbeat, Slide, Blue Fox
                                  & Subject.
 XTD/Mystic & TRSI:  NZTB jest zajebiste. Fajnie by bylo jakbys kiedys
                     napisal. Chujowo ze Twoj modul nie przeszedl selekcji
                     byl bardzo fajny, wreszcie jakis inny styl.
 ************************ MESSAGES FROM STIMPY/S!P ************************
 aMOn/mYSTIc & cADAVEr - Hi Robert! I heard that you started
                         trading, but why haven't you sent
                         anything to me lately? It's been a
                         while now....
 aNt/bLACK FISHy - Tjena Anton! Jasså, du har joinat Black Fishy....
                   Kewl....I'll visit u when I get to "Holmen"...
                   Please, send a bit faster, ok?!
 bANDIDo/dISORDEr & sARDONYx  - Hi! Thanks for da great stuff!! Too bad
                                we couldn't continue... Enjoying life in
                                Gothenburg city?
 bLASt/eNERGy - Hi man! Thanks for all da stuff... How's the
                trading going???
 bRAINDEAd/dISORDEr - Yo man! Releasing any Disorder prods.
                      soon?? NHL Hockey ruuules!! (St.Louis
                      Blues suck!) ehehe...
 bROOm./zENOn - Hi Petri! Thanks for the stuff!! I'll send
                some of my modules real soon!  Moi mukulat!!!
 cANDYMAn/gIANTs - Hiya! Oooh yeah, one of the famous Kotta twins!
                   Thanks for letters and always great stuff! Brain-
                   damage was really good!! Continue to improve it
                   and it will become really great! Keep groovy!
 cHIMERa/cADAVEr - Thanks for answering... BUT... I haven't
                   heard from you in 3 months... What has
 cRAZY d/c-LOUs - Tjena Fredrik! Thanks for the stuff... Keep it
                  coming. I hope you like my support for Tutti
 cURT COOl/dEPTh - Apple wine??? Yuk!!! Well, I hope that we 
                   will have a nice swapping time... Send some
                   of your chipmods!!!
 cYBERGOd/rAM JAm - Öööh, inget brev på ett tag nu... Se till att
                    skicka snart för fan... Eller du har kanske
                    tappat bort min adress??
 dACe/sAVIOr - Yeah, one of my two Savior contacts! Any
               nice productions coming soon??? Ok man,
               stay cool...
 dOMAIn/sAINTs  - Thanks very much for all the nice sendings!
                  I'll send soon! Sorry 'bout dee-lay though,
                  but I've joined S!P...
 fLOPPYMAn/aNAHEIm - Yupp! So... You've joined Anaheim.. NicE!
                     Well, the sendings kick ass so keep 'em up!
                     See ya later!
 fUGAZi/dISORDEr - Yoho! Min tredje Disorder kontakt nuförtiden,
                   jag vet...delay, men jag skickar snart igen..
                   ...sorry man!!
 gENERAL LEe/s!p - Tjenis Johan! Tack för att jag fick joina!
                   Jag hoppas att samarbetet kommer att pågå
                   en lång tid framöver... Ok, see ya pal!
 gERMIc/sUBJECt - Thanks for contacting, friend!! Your intro
                  was really nice... Great with a new Swedish
                  crew!! We need 'em!
 iLLUSIOn/nOISe - Howdy you hippie!! Thanks for contacting me.
                  We'll have a great swapping time!!!
 kANDYMAn/iFFTIc - Hum, det finns redan en Candyman (Giants)!
                   Byt handle!!! Just kidding... Get me some new
                   stuff...You owe it to me....
 kAZe/ex.dEPTh - Hiya! Haru bytt handle nu igen??? Anyway,
                 thanks for the najs sendings! I hope we
                 will keep it up.... Ring mig!
 lEOn/iNDEPENDENt - Hej Hopp! Thanks for contacting me... Found
                    any good groups? Why not join us???
 lEVIATHAn/aMBIENt - HEY! Are you dead or what???!! I really like
                     your letters, so get sending!!!!
 mEMPHISTo/rETIRe - Yo Ravedude! Nice cards you sent me... Tell me,
                    did you really like that intro??
 oDEn/rAZOR 191¹ - Too bad we couldn't swap, I hope you write back
                   to me when you've finished your military service!
 rE-FLEx/sAVIOr - Thanks for contacting! You'll receive an 
                  answa real soon I hope...
 sIRACOn/dEFIANCe - Jasså, du drar ned på tempot din banan...
                    Buzz 4 va iallafall en positiv överraskning
                    (jämfört med trean). Well, keep on att göra
                    Buzz och senda snart...
 sLAVEr/tHE EUTHANASIA STAFf - Hi Kristoffer! Howz life in Viskafors???
                               Pretty najs, no??! Real pity that u are
                               holding up swapping.... Please recontact
                               when u decide to start again.. Any plans
                               on Euthanasia #2??
 sPLATTERHEAd/tRIFLEx+aDDONIc - Yumm! I heard you joined Triflex+Addonic....
                                Any productions coming soon?? I hope we can
                                continue to swap, cuz you're a nice contact...
                                Swedish postoffice suck...
 sTEVIe/dISORDEr - Yoohoo! Real sorry for the mega-delay,
                   I'll send as soon as possible!
 sTINg/aLCATRAz - Yips! So you're WHQ of ATZ now?? Cool!! Send me
                  some nice Alcatraz productions soon my friend....
 sYNTAx/aTAc - Thanks for contacting me, you'll receive
               a quick answer real soon...
 tEDo/tHE MIGS DESIGNs - Yepp!! Ofcourse I want to swap with you,
                         I'll send to ya soon...
 yAFFLe/iNSANe - Hiya! You're a good contact, but I still don't
                 know your real name... Sorry I lost your stamps,
                 I'll try to find them for ya! 
 zACk/sAINTs - Hi Zack! My only Norwegian contact right now,
               believe it or not... Anyway, try not to send
               any FFS. diskettes, because I can't run them
               on my A500 (rules forever!)....
 AND OFCOURSE TO ALL: Hey! You can ofcourse contact me for
                      0-7 day ELITE friendship swapping...
 ************************* MESSAGES FROM WATTS/NEO *************************
 Astro/Mvt       - Hey hello casper, cool sends always from you m8, keep em
                   coming, hows college treating ya? cool i hope!!
 Qwerty/Scope    - Yo m8 hows that very cool pack of yours doing, But where
                   is the send? been a while now m8!
 Wolverine/Myth  - hi m8... heheh dont for get no more ten disk sends!
                   Analect is dead and has been for 5 months.
 Gizmoduck/Depth - Hey dude how are ya doing, cool to hear from you always!
 Curt cool/Depth - Cheerz m8 for passing the message on to martin, very cool
                   of ya...
 Spectral/Magic  - Hello jonas, no worrys about the send m8, thats the fucking 
                   postal service tossers. ehheheheh take care m8!
 2Fast/AVT       - Yo hope them vote sheets was of some use for ya new mag!!
                   thanks for all the cool sends, keep em coming!!
                   If ya need anymore toons just say so m8!! for anything?
                   Pack,trackmo,intro anything or even deadend!
 Norby/Trsi      - Thanks for putting my messages in "IT" and what a cool
                   pack that is!! Shame the post fucked up our sends in the
                   Beginning, hope we can carry it on!
 Mr king/trsi    - Hey m8, erm hope the little xmas intro was of some use?
                   thanks for using the news and stuff m8!! all da best!
 Virus/Arise     - Are ya still alive m8, hello anyone there????
 Ace/  - Hows south africa then m8, is the post on strike or
                   somthing? then why are ya not replying?
 Domain/Saints   - Full of broken promises, Where are ya m8, ya always say
                   faster sendings next time but never do... :(
 Tmt/Saints      - Hi dave! hope the sends was cool enuff to help ya out man!
                   Send me some of ya wierd chippys....
 Sascha/Mirage   - Yo m8 hope the send was cool enuff, Look forward to ya 
 Gigabyte/Iris   - If theres one thing that pisses me off, its dudes who
                   advertise for contacts but never write back..... blah!
 Napoleon/Dreamdealers - So ya didnt get my send eh m8! or did ya??
 Blitter/x-trade - jungle was fucking excellent! hear fro ya soon m8!
 Tos/Silicon     - Cool pack m8, its coming on in leaps and bounds.
 Sting/alcatraz  - Thanks for your cool sends and ya cool letters i hope ya
                   had a cool xmas and a cool new year....all the best
 Fiction/intense - Hey dude how are ya doing, looking forward to seeing some
                   cool work from your division, cool sends as always!
 noodles/des/fp  - Hi my cool friend, did ya enjoy the party? thanks for ya
                   cool sendings, cool intros m8 and nice pack!!
 Hysteric/ram jam- Hello my good friend!! hope ya had a cool xmas, hope ya
                   kids enjoyed themselves! if ya wanna chat modem! anytime.
 Pow/iris        - You are a cool friendly dude, thanks for the cool letters
                   and cool sends, i too hope i meet you one day, probably
                   at some party.. who knows eh!!
 Overdose/trsi   - First ya write to me, i write back.. did i offend ya m8!
                   or did ya not recieve my sending! not to worry! take
 Mike/defiance   - Surley ya got my jiffy by this time!! erm anyway m8 i
                   hope ya had a cool xmas and a cool new year..
 Death angle/illusion- Hows it going m8, erm looking formard to ya releases
                       m8, always cool to hear from you....
 Randy/subject   - Hello m8, fast cool response is always best, cheerz m8!   
 Exciter/rebels  - Yo m8 loved the wammer slammer, very cool indeed, regards!
 Tetsuo/saturne  - Thanx for the fast response, And such a cool letter!
 Mars/mystic     - Thanx for the last cool send m8, looking forward to more!
 Splatterhead/fci- Good luck with the new group m8, thanx for ya cool 
 Dune/Fear       - Hello tim, hows the one and only?? hehehehheh cool sends
                   always from you!!
 Pazza/Lsd       - Hey pazz how ya doing m8,  hows the knew look GV coming
 Fish/Lsd        - cool chats m8, erm let me know more about coven asap!
 Axen/Lsd        - Yo matt, how ya doing m8! heheheh i bet bt love you!! :)
 Oedipus/Lsd     - Hi joe, long time no phone call eh m8, erm soz its due to
                   BT charging me for putting the whole of the NW on my bill
                   Robbing bastards hehehehhehehheh.
 Mub/Lsd         - Hi chris m8, erm same applies m8, il be back on line soon
                   m8, im sure BT charged me for incoming calls hehehheheh!
 Marsbar/tension - Hello graham, erm cool to chat m8, hope ya enjoy ya break!
 Phantom/Delite  - Hi paul, how are ya m8, cool to meet ya even if it was
                   only for a few minutes. hehehehehehe!
 Micflair/Eltech - Ya northern git! heheh how are ya m8, cool chats every
                   night, im just glad ya paying heheheheheheh !!
 Lithium/Eltech  - Yo lith hows the modeming going m8, hope ya got access ok
                   on our cool bbs.
 Hampo/Eltech    - Did ya ever work it out m8, boy + girl heheheh zoke!! how
                   are ya m8, cool trip to london NOT! heheh maybe next time!
 Wade/Eltech     - Yo m8 how are ya these days, erm thanks for all the cool
                   samples and stuff.
 Horror           - Hi geoff! ya can still write if ya want m8!
 Atom/Dual 4mat  - Who? ARSED!
 Kei/carnage     - All the very best with the new group m8......
 Cage/Carnage    - Hello m8, how ya doing? good luck with ya new group!
 Dr dappy/carnage- Hey dude dont take so long in replying, i aint much
                   bothered about how new the send is!!
 Dt214/Ultima    - Hi nik how ya doing m8, done anymore toons??
 Devistator/NEo  - coooool asciis m8, erm send us more, erm are ya getting a
                   modem??  lots of fun!.
 Tuc/NEo         - Cool routines m8, i cant wait to see the trackmo!
 Wizzwang/NEo    - Cool to finaly meet ya, even if it was just a short spell!
 Efex/Neo        - Fuck pc! ya dont want wanna them pile of shite! heheheh
 Rob/NEo         - Cool to meet ya at london m8, sad about the show! :)
 Matt/NEo        - Cool to meet ya aswell at london, meet again soon ok!
 Dug/NEo         - Hey hello m8, hows work treating ya, nice to meet ya!
 Dog1/NEo        - A bloody 28800! reet lad ya smoking with that m8!! hehe
 Rebellion/NEo   - So ya finaly got a 14.4 eh m8, cool! have ya sorted out
                   ya post m8, it sucks big time!!
 Fraz/NEo        - Hello frazer, erm soz no call to da bbs as i got a
                   massive bill heheheh oops!! soon be back on line.
 Demented/NEo    - Hello dave, erm we missed each other at the show m8,
                   what a pile of crap that was! (fes94 that is!)
 Phil94/NEo      - Hi phil m8, erm cool to finaly meet ya and the folks, sad
                   about the show eh, but theres a uk party soon! (hope)
 Profile/???     - HEHEHHEHhehhehehehheheheh yeh cool. ARSED.
 Mr slug/Indy    - Hello mark, how are ya m8, erm long time no chat eh!!
                   should speak to ya real soon......
 Coma/Indy       - Yo m8 when ya getting that very fast modem?? call me!!
 Glow/indy       - If anyone knows this dude, or if ya see this then please
                   send his addy to me, he lives in finland and he sent me a
                   ten disk send, but no addy to return em to.. id hate him
                   to think iv pinched his disks.... write back as soon as
 Everyone       - The post has recently brought me two sends both very damaged
                  with the disk unreadable, so theres two peeps out there who
                  aint recieved a send from me, get in touch, And can all my
                  contacts please put there name on the back of the envelope,
                  So if the disk are damaged i still know who its from! thanx.
 Up to 20/01/95 iv not heard from: 
 Virus/arise, napoleon/dreamdealers, Mike/defiance, Ace/,
 Domain/saints, Gigabyte/iris, Qwerty/scope, Overdose/trsi
 ********************** MESSAGES FROM WOLFMAN/BALANCE **********************
 To all people who ever wrote to me or used to be in contact or whatever:
 Sorry about not sending or being so freakin' lazy... I'll send some day,
 or at least I will try.
 Upstream, school and a schoolmagazine litteraly swallows 90% of my time.
 5% goes to work and 5% goes to sleep... Scenework is pure luck and very
 unhealthy (WARNING! Latenight writing session in progress, all units
 Anyway, To the people who send me letters (They weren't few). The fact
 that I have not or perhaps will not answer you back, is not to be taken
 as a sign of arrogance towards anyone. The simple fact is that my portion
 of scene-motivation is quickly flushed out sitting late nights doing
 Even though I won't - and can't - garantee that you will get an answer
 some day, I can at least garantee that I will TRY!
 This sounds very melo-dramatical, but nevertheless it's the truth: Scene-
 life is not boring me, but combined with the fact that I have a job at
 the local supermarket and study hard at The Copenhagen Business College,
 it CAN actually get to be slightly unhealthy... I hope to able to change
 my way of living, 'cause right now, I'm not really satisfied with it...
 This was all there was to it, have a nice day!