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       Yes, it´s done !  Our first AGA-Demo, and the second Prg. for
                    the Scene in this case for TRSI.

   After our first work, the Musicdisc ~VIKTORIA~ with musics by Virgill,
          we´re proud to present this little Demo released at the
                          World of Commodore ´94 !

                     OF THIS NICE VOXELSPACE-ROUTINE !
                               * CREDITS: *

                    All coding & design by:  THE TWINS

    Modules ~Raising Hell~ and ~Beneath Her Feet~ composed by:  VIRGILL

 ´Spagettogram´-Texture, Credits- and the Clown-Picture pixled by:  FIVER
         ~Artifice~- and ~T.R.S.I.~-Logos raytraced by:  REWIRED
             All other effect-graphics smeared by The Twins.
         If you want to contact the producers of this demo, write to:

              THE TWINS                               VIRGILL
       André & Frank Hugenroth                   Jochen Feldkötter
        Am Birkenwäldchen 30                       Ledderstr. 50
    D-49477 Ibbenbüren  - Germany               D-49477  Ibbenbüren
   or send E-Mail via Internet to:                         Germany

               FIVER                                 REWIRED
           Thomas Mahlke                          Björn Ahlers
         Am neuen Teich 58                    Hermann-Loens-Str. 38
        D-22926  Ahrensburg                    D-22926 Ahrensburg
              Germany                                Germany

                        !!!  ONLY LEGAL STUFF  !!!
        And now some informations and greets from Control of TRSI...
                    Contact us for whatever and write to:

         Control of TRSI, PLK 019-944 D, 49001 Osnabrück, Germany

      Overdose, 3 Apreece Way, Stilton, Peterborough, Cambs, PE18 8xG

             To support our diskmag Suicid drop your letter to:
      Shade, Anders Haakens, Hurdalsveien, 2074 Eidsvoll Verk, Norway
     ATTENTION  -**-  TRSI bought an own record label  -**-  ATTENTION

                Are you a good and talented musician or DJ?
           Are you interested in publishing your own music on CD?
      Are you interesting in earning a lot of money without any risk?

                   Contact the TRSI (TM) record label at:

              TRSI (TM), PO.Box 47, A-8607 Kapfenberg, Austria

                       Divine kindness is going to:

       Absolute, Alcatraz, Andromeda, Axis, CNCD, Complex, Crionics
       Digital, Dreamdealers, Dual Crew and Shining, Essence, Haujob
     Masque, Melon Dezign, Mirage, Movement, Phenomena, Polka Brothers
     Razor, Rebels, Sanity, Scoopex, Silents, Spaceballs, Static Bytes
               Stellar, The Special Brothers, Virtual Dreams

                      Our respects and best regards to:

      Anthrox, Crystal, Classic, Delirium, Fairlight, Global Overdose
           Hoodlum, Paradox, Prestige, Prodigy, Quartex, Skid Row

               ...and to all trusty TRSI believers worldwide.


                Even more handshakes to these Amiga pioneers:

          Agile, Angels, Ackerlight, Bamiga Sector One, Beermacht
        Black Monks, Bitstoppers, Blizzards, Champs, Company, Defjam
     Delta Force, Hotline, Horizon, HQC, Kent Team, Legend, Lightforce
        Mega Force, Nemesis, Northstar, OKS, Oracle, Paranoimia, PBA
      Quadlite, Skyline, Spreadpoint, Subway, Supplex, Thrust, Trilogy
                   United Forces, Venture, Vision Factory

     * ADVERTISE *  Get hooked in the Austrian Alps with  * ADVERTISE *

        The ultimate *TRSI* Rave-UK Trance-Tekkno-Jungle-Core Party
                The 10th Birthday of TRSI will be celebrated !

    Featuring about 10 - 20 live DJs from Austria, Germany, Holland, UK
    and Poland, live acts, stunning Amiga show, TRSI streetware selling.
      3000 - 10000 Persons will be expected * A must for every scener.
                Further details and flyers will follow soon.

         Now we (The Twins) want to reflect some things about our
                          routines in this demo.

   The most routines and effects are older then a half year. All effects
     except the Voxelspace-Routine are programmed on an A500 and were
    improved to AGA for this Demo. The Street-Track-Routine was invented
   last year (the rotating and moving tunnel has the same concept). This
         two Routines both have very simple, but fast algorithms.
    No routine here supports Fast-RAM, ´cause they all are (re-)written
             on a normal A1200-HD with 2 megs of Chip-RAM.

     Now let´s talk about this Voxelspace-Effect. After an article in a
    german Amiga-magazine, we want to make a routine, that looks REALLY
             like a Voxelspace landscape ...and so here it is !
    The first version took about 2-3 seconds to build a frame, but this
     was improved and impr...! The landscape looks like a scape on an
                      unknown (!) game on PeeCee....
     This Voxelspace-Routine is a pure AGA-Routine, and only programmed
     for this. It uses 256 colours, and a landscape of 512*512 pixels.
                      Speed-improvement is possible.

    After this demo, we continiue programming our shoot´em-up-game. The
   first two levels are nearly complete, but without graphician, it took
                 a lot of time to program and to paint !!

           That´s all, guys....and remember: Shoot or ARM SEI !
                    Hi mates! This is the mighty Control.
     The sleeping gods are back again ! Anyway, enjoy this splendid demo
       and be impressed from the effects. Join our trip into another
       world, a world of art and fantasy ! Leave your plight and free
       your mind - the body will follow ! Look into the mirror of your
       soul: love and hate are one in all. Sacrifice turns to revenge
       and believe me: TRSI - it is no group, it is a religion ! After
     this pale introduction I want to greet some very close friends of
                mine. Persons who are important for my life.
       At first my lovely girlfriend Verena. I really miss you, honey
       I hope that you will have a good time during your studies. The
       other greetings to my loyal friends in the Scene: everybody in
         TRSI, Alcatraz, Sanity and TSB (sorry, I will not name you
    personal - it would take too much time) ! More respects to the pride
   Corny, KR33, Astro, Samir, Lincoln, Nighthawk, Ben, Myth, Quackbuster
    Mac, Retep, Lizardking, Wotw, Melodee, Zaddo, Sledge, Tom, Redbaron
     Tripex, Sledge, Tomcat (Daniela aswell), Head, and all the rest i
                have not mentioned - and I know it is a lot