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 Hello And Welcome To 'Taj Ma House', A Jungle Techno Demo by T.E.S.K.O!!   Firstly, the credits:     Coding by Tom Bomb + Bronxy     Graphics by Gremlin     Introduction Tune by Jim Bowen    Hardcore Jungle Music by Geezer.     Press Left Mouse on a window to swap the tunes.     Hi There!!  Tom Bomb here, well, this demo was supposed to have been released at an internal =PARTY!= back in May, but due to insufficent time before and during the party and pure lazyness afterwards, this is released VERY late... August in fact!       Anyway, never mind, we dont like this anyway!!!  Look forward to 'HOP!' - A comedy Hip Hop demo, 'BedPan 2' - Nuff Said!, 'My God, Its Full Of Stars' - A small intro by Mr Brine (His first assembly language production) and several other things.....   Well, as you all know, several members left Tesko and formed 'Killer Zombie Dezines', and released an intro.  Soon after, KZD became a sub-divison of TESKO, even sooner, KZD were dead and all members re-became real TESKO members.  Now, we have Mr Brine back in the family, along with Andy.  We want to keep it that way.... TESKO evolves around friendship (usually!) and we dont want to break up the family.....     Well, I think I will send out a few messages and let someone else take over.     Technix (Thanks for carrying on!!  You know what I mean!! haha!!!)  Geezer (Yep, its very long overdue, you know about lazyness though eh!!!  Once it sets in, anything can happen!!!  And usually does!)   Bronxy (Thanks for finishing it, not what I planned many moons ago!!)   B-Real (Alright!!! haha!)   Well, thats all from me.....  Time for summat else for me to do, and someone else to take over.....  Bye!                   Hello there, this is Jim Bowen here typing in on the Amiga, and may I say how nice it is here, this is nice!  I dont type scrolltext very often, so I will keep it short an shite....  I must say hello to Squeeze Technique/Bristol Designs and Mr Tom Byron/Bratgirl.  Thanks for the sends lads, and keep coming! I mean, keep em coming!  Mellow hellos to all the Tesko family. Remember lads, freindship rules, forget EGOs, forget SO and most importantly, forget international darts!  Elvis is not happy with Lisa Marie Presley and Micheal Jackson, because he thinks its all a publicity stunt! That is the opinion of major psychic Kenny Kingston.  Elvis says he is all shook up and Micheal Jackson is just nothing but a hound dog.  He says that Lisa-Marie is his hunk of Burning Love, and she should Viva Las Vegas for the evening then Return to Sender, and Micheal should chew on a stick of Jailhouse Rock and buy some Blue Suede Shoes!   Sorry, ran out of songs!!! Jim Bowen/Tesko is a top psychic and he says: It is my opinion that Elvis is dead and buried.    These shocking allegations are set to rock the pop world and already, further revelations are appearing, alledging the deaths of John Lennon, Terry Scott and most of the people involved in the Norman conquest.  More awful, disturbing and frankly shocking revelations are expected in the next few years as more and more top celebrities are expected to announce their own deaths.  Now, over to our reporter in the field          G  R  E  M  L  I  N  !  !  !         What's up pop pickers ?!?!?!  This is your number one Techno addict from hell...  As usual, I'll send cool greets to all those Tesko heads in the place and all those hardcore ADDICTS.  Anyways, a big fuckin EGO must go to John Jackson from the local computer shop knows fuck all about computers and tends to rip people off!!!  I bet he wears plastic trousers (See Tripping Coppers - an OLD Doom demo)...    A big LEG flies out of the square window and into the BRICK factory, which makes ACID for all those ADDICTS in the Pink Floyd album cover for Wish You Were Here...  Im just a drug addict, which will explain the last sentence.     Now over to an even bigger HEAD....           Unfortunately, Mr Brine couldnt be with us tonight, so EGOTISM is low.    Thats it, enjoy.....  IF YOU FUCKING CAN!!   Woooh is there anybody there!? If you are, you must be enjoying the Jungle toons.  Technix here with a very interesting bit of scrolly, oh yes. As usual there is more text in the scrolly than the actual code! >TeSkO --> We type loads< A big hello to the rest our little Morecambe tribe! keep chillin (thats all we ever dooooo! dont you ever yearn.......for change!!!) Also a few hellos to these top guys.... Michael & Anthony/Anathema, Kbx128/Calypso, Majic Mush/Sonikand Aquafresh/Devine.  Well I think thats about it except a quick apology to geezer for shortening a couple of samples.....we ran out of memory (I hope you cant notice!) oh no I can smell Papa Brine coming (not literally - unless hesees a girl with a huge head, he he!.......      Hello and welcome to the realm of Papa Brine, the evilest kid this side of hell.... unfortunatly I cant be arsed to type type out in so I shall depart now, so respect to all the people that Ivemet and liked.... and Andy (Only Joking...)  (or am I???) Adios Amigos.... TESKO - KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY                                >>Wrapping Text --> In its prime<<