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hi guys this is texmac and here you can see our first intro. this here is all done  
by the alien.  enjoy it or die! call the vangor bbs  ++49-(0)4131-63482 sysop: fast jack 24 hours online  
14400 baud for contact write to:  olaf gramkow  posener str. 32   2121 reppenstedt germany  - only legal -  and now some little   dots effects  in the future we will  bring you new intros 
and demos. look out for the next  issue of our magazin,  comming in a month.  we are searching for new members and new  	contacts.  coders and sounders  are very welcome.  contact us now!!!  and now a great  picture  greetings flying to: 	intensity   join our group  mr. soft of d-tect 
nice pictures  call our bbs 
  black star nice bbs and many  thanx for help at our beginning   martin  call our bbs that was it for now  
text restarts