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              yeeeeaaahhhhhhh ! as promised, we bring you our latest release ! this time its called      compilation no.51        as you may know, we planned to release compilation no.51 with a cool menu, but killroy didnt finish it in time !  we think it will be worth to wait for it! wait for compilation no.52 and see              hey onyx .a-bomb., what the hell is your problem ? surely you will spread new rumours, for example that this nice intro is coded by paradox !? or by quartex ? to make it clear to all people (also lame onyx-group !) : silents didnt code something for us .... and I think that is not necesarry, either !                                if you want to download our newest releases call the paranoimia bbs ...  reign blood ...         elite mailtraders contact us under:                     plk 027673 d            7500 karlsruhe          west germany         or           plk 027786 d             7500 karlsruhe        west germany                  or contact system 5 whq for membership, etc.:  plk 107278 e        8720 schweinfurt       west germany                       look out for our soon coming trainers which will reach ya in the next weeks.....                   back as always.... terminator x and beyonder with some special regards to.....                   highlander of celtic .yop bomber, as ordered! call me!.                 andy and malzam of paranoimia .i tried to call ya, andy, but there was no way.                 zico of cytax .only express, coz fastness rooles!.             vega of broken bones .hope ya have had a nice holiday, see ya on quadlite party!.              marvin of abandon .cool calls, hope to meet ya very soon.               jbm of tetragon .always fast, cool and good, i like it.                       megablast of supplex .call me, andre or i will call ya!.        defcon 5 of supplex, ray jackson of immortal, stranger of energy, avalon of avoid, raster of dual crew, hoffi of bloodsuckers, hellraiser of venom, don of paradise, krueger of paranoimia dk .hy krueger!  yeah! i like tuborg very much.      lord dredd of silents .thanx 4 the invitation !.    , jeddie of wizzcat, rocksteady of miracle, prong, wadz of acid force u.k., tcd of apex .send something, man!., stookie of dual crew .hey stookie, whats up?., oliver .co.sysop of ... jam ...., sterling of savage .send soon.               terrible sorries to all who were not mentioned!!! but we will try to fix the greetings list as fast as possible