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           yo guyz ! this is       system five !         with yet another release,called compilation no. nine !      this great tune was done by razor nineteen eleven !          puhhhh !     i am very tired ... you know that ....       two hours ago i was writing with vindicator and the rest of system five (divison karlsruhe) the scrolltext for one part of our megademo !    hahahha ?!  no ....  it was not very funny ! everybody was busy with his own greetz and messages !                       enough of that bullshit !            i think everybody is looking forward for the cebit !       why not ?!      some really short messages to :                fletch of tarkus team (hey pal,thanx for contacting me !)       hoffi of bloddsuckers ( hahaha ... i really like your letters ! hope you are o.k. ! three weeks in hospital ?! bad luck !)    the minotauer of pussy (i like this name ... !)      ooohhh shit i am running out of time (as usual ?!)           so enjoy our latest release !                               signing off        beyonder