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  this is another cool demo from killroy of system5 first as always the credits to following guys of us:    coding and fraktal mountain grafix by killroy, logo painted by pcs    (his name is no longer aden), font by incognito and the text by mengele the music is taken from a demo of our friends  scoopex (lazer-demo) ya can contact us, write to the german hq of system5: plk 072981 c    8720 schweinfurt    germany          write only these 3 lines!!! or to the austria hq:   accept   postlagernd  a-8015 graz   ...all disksendings will be answered...  special greetingx to all members of system5:  mengele, quickdeath, killroy, pcs, phasefour, apollo, bio exorcist, accept and incognito p.s. we are searching for good coders of course in assembler   greetingx in no special order to: afl, paranoimia, scoopex, apex, abandon(greet us), the specters, defcon one, crash, braintrust, stoneman, untertakers(send faster), powerlords(send faster), mindkillers, supplex, bloodsuckers, quicksilver(always cool, always hot), kawajoe and geier of aofcf(cool meetings), level four, dynax 2001, thalysis, mexx, atomix, travellers, irongods, crionics, aeon, hunter, mr. tnt and peter b.     end of transmission     ................................................