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yo everybody   -  abg of synergy presents    funny cocktail 2   - today : the best demos or intros of november 1990 brought to me by all my friends !!! move your mouse up or  down to see all the things available on the menu and click left mouse button to load your choice . abg of synergy sends his greetings to :   abakus germany    abakus norway    bbc lyon     desaster area     passion belgium     supplex germany ......(it was the best !!). a big hello to all the members of synergy i have not met yet !!(soon i hope).  if u want to contact me for all kind of swapping then write to         abg        - 39 rue jean moulin - 85000 la roche/yon -       france       - all letters will have an answer !!!    goooodbyyye       (c) abg of synergy/1990