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 |**=--»> Protracker replay routine by ROBIN of CREATOR \*/ Release date: 23. october 1993. Contact at: Hungary 6100 Kkfhaza Liget u. 32. Now I'm waiting for your letter!<«-=**

       welcome budz!       
   as you see,the group    
        - creator -        
joined surprise! production
     as a subgroup...      

   well,we entitled this   
       thing simply:       
        - jointro -        

 this intro was brought to 
          life by:         
         - codex -         
       main graphics:      
        - abstract -       
         s!p logo:         
         - turbo -         
         - griff -         

    creator of s!p sends   
  regards to all of their  
   friends and contacts    
    around the world...    

 contact us for joining at:
     - messerschmitt -     48         
      h-4015 debrecen      

...or get in touch with our
         - lord -          
        peter labos        
      darus 10. ii.3       
      h-1181 budapest      
          hungary    contact the coder of 
this intro you should try: 
        - codex -          
       csaba cserep        
       martirok 7a         
      h-6100 kkfhaza       

     or call our board:    
- the number of the beast- 

 an important message goes 
     to all who saw our    
 unfinished demo-preview:  
   - unnatural forces -    

      that stuff was:      
       not released        
       not spreaded        
       not finished        
      full with bugs       

      thanx must go to     
     gyu of muffbusters    
  for publishing that shit 
   in the papermag: guru