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    supreme is back in crime and criminal !!!!           supreme has two new members called    --- bitcracker (a cool trainermaker) ---   and    --- the great gordon (a good coder and one of the best trainermakers) ---            we are here to present a new trainer from the game --- xenas layer ---    done by --- the great gordon ---       menu also coded by --- gordon ---    game released by --- tma ---     and sound was taken from the game --- levin terramis ---        if you want the latest warez then call our boards around the supreme-globe                       

            supreme is back             
       back in crime and criminal       
 and is proud to present a new trainer  
             xenas layer +++++          
 damage counter off                     
 unlimited time to earth                
 unlimit shoots                         
 unlimit computer-aid                   
 unlimit oxygene                        
              start game                
 this nice trainer was done by -gordon-