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call these supreme hq's : 812-944-6866 (shemhamfoash usa) - 812-256-5598 (duplicator usa) - 46-40-414774 (damage inc. sw)               we are here to present a new trainer from the game --- sorceror app ---    done by --- the great gordon ---       menu also coded by --- gordon ---     and sound was taken from the game --- levin terramis ---    *

            supreme is back             
       back in crime and criminal       
 and is proud to present a new trainer  
          called sorceror app. ++       
 unlimit lives                          
 unlimit transforms (flie)              
  excuse me for this lame trainer !!!   
    but i need someting to upload       
   trained by -- the great gordon --    
   trainer runs after the first dead    
              start game                
 this nice trainer was done by -gordon-