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                                                   yo! watch the caps-lock key on the keyboard    it isn't  it wasn't  it ain't never gonna be a computer breakdown.....             use a joystick to control this scroller, both horizontally and vertically...      press left mousebutton to change the music..    (busted from beast, but you already know that i suppose)       this is  supersero ├┐pressing the squares marked with the letters from a to z        i think i am the first guy in the world who have made a program that makes the caps lock led flash...        it was discovered by accident (a minor bug in one of my routines made it happen), but i am not going to tell you how it is done....  find out for yourself or try to hack it out of this demo, if you are curious..          when i was coding this demo, i also discovered that the most rare wordsize hexadecimal number is:      beef      do you get my point?          this is not serious  its just for fun (he said and fired the gun)     what ??      yes, another sprite paid a high price for being in vicinity of the bullets from my spaceship...     no funeral is planned, but it died a hero's death.       if you wish to pay your respects in terms of a donation, feel free to send it to:  sprite0, dff020, fat agnus.  amiga.          if you have any problems, call  gernotsomany 110......           this text is absolutely not worth reading, cos no effort was put into it, due to the fact that no one waste their time on reading stupid scrolls, but i had to write something!         and now... turn off your computer, coz here comes the you know what....                 are you still here?      you should seriously consider seeing a doctor       (not a diskdoctor)       greetings to:    trilogy, kefrens, mahoney and kaktus, it, xmen, deathstar, phenomena, scoopex, the band, quartex, paranoimia, red sector, defjam, dexion, dominators, arcane, dunex, channel 42, vision factory, black monks, alcatraz, d.o.c, threat, northstar and silents, tsk crew, subway and the dreamteam, and of course to freddie krueger..     (who keeps me up every night)           

   welcome to a new superions demo called  battlebeast  or shadow of the valley if you like        credits    all coding by supersero   big font by heman   ideas by supersero and heman      when you are tired of this part  press the left mousebutton and be amazed      wrap       

the superions
 members are 
   mr riff   
 you want to 
rule? we just
 want to be  
  - coool -