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hi guys here are the sunriders worldwide and the mad monks we proud to present you ptc , .... ptc it's something like centipede if you know this old c 64 game. before i will tell you something about the sunriders worldwide i will tell you about our copy-party many things are changed, only the the date and the group sunriders are constant but that's all. and now i will tell you all. the party is at the 8th april 1989 in strasbourg / france from the following great groups    vision factory and the beyonders   steel pulse   and the   sunriders worldwide   now i tell you about our new members its the group exceptions , welcome to all members of the famous exceptions.......   yes i know that now many people thinks that the sunriders are many many guys but that's not correct we are in germany now without exceptions sixteen members and with the exceptions we are 26 members and that's realy not much....       and now the sunny greetings to x-factor exceptions of sunriders and to freedom force and now the golden regards to: abacus , amiga industries afl -l4 and  sbg- , alcatraz ,amiga industries bs1 , beastie boys , cascade , d.o.c. , hagar of the suply team , joy and mgf , jungle command , knight hawks , mad monks , megaforce , red sector inc. , tsb , tsk crew , the band , traitors , vision factory and the beyonders , world of wonders and to the rest. ........after these lousy greetings....... come the greetings to the godfathers of the scene....: lord performer , mr. magic , crazy typer , garfield , marvin -i miss your works- , the coder of red sector -i dont know his name anymore- , hgb................credits for our first intro :   coding...   too short   sound...   magic drummer   grafix...   constrictor .........allthough too short is scared here is the plk you can contact if you want to have more information about x-factor and if u wanna swap with us than write to sunriders worldwide ......:      plk 061783 c   8000 munich 44.......see you folks watch out for other products of x-factor............bye bye.................