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  after a trip     in space      fasten your     seatbelt    cause we gonna   fly inside        your        cool amiga     $=                    for this part   i used the       copper                      i hope you    enjoyed  the      travel       $=       i am now     working on a  game with dgm                 and preparing    the  next       solaris         demo         =      here      comes a new 3d     effect       i saw it in     hardwired    the best demo     that i          know        $=     if you  have   created your     own group     and if you     want to be       helped      then contact        us         $=   

    { code  by |    
     music  by      
     graphs  by     

                                                                                  yea !!! in my last demo  i promised you vectors       here they are                 my routine is not very complicated but clean and i think thats enough ....             you can be sure that in my next demo i will improve the code  ........                                    i am always looking for contacts in europe and for a new good coder .                                                                              dont miss the intro of sylver ( the new solaris coder ) i hope that the coding level will be good ............                                                                                                                                                 and now let restart the scroll ............

      yeah ...      
 you  have  finaly  
  reached the end   
of  radiation .     
   this demo was    
  finished during   
     mai 1992       
 press  right  mouse
button  to stop the 
scroll .............
 and now  here comes
 the member list ...
gengis        /coder
roy           /coder
sylver        /coder
h3o+        /sond fx
joce        /sond fx
digital master  /gfx
silk      /swapp/gfx
orthric       /swapp
layer         /swapp
    if you wanna    
contact  me  for any
legal reason .....  
write to            
 frederic   heintz  
5 rue des  baudrieux
94000  creteil      
   thorflinn has    
 changed his pseudo 
   now he is h3o+   
 and now the greets 
alex       /alcatraz
helfast      /analog
monty        /analog
pats         /analog
rhod        /anarchy
ninja        /angels
titan      /atlantys
wolfman     /balance
krom      /bombsquad
arrakis   /brainwave
mashroom /damage inc
voice       /delight
jinx         /devils
merlin       /devils
rhah         /devils
gryzor       /dmacon
7- eyes/dreamdealers
moby   /dreamdealers
sun    /dreamdealers
tony   /dreamdealers
zebig  /dreamdealers
ferris       /d tect
nightmare    /elicma
storm      /epidemic
baby bob  /eremation
sheriu       /fizzle
robin       /frantic
dr 1 mips    /geryon
side         /geryon
trasher    /hardline
seventh son         
tourist     /intense
acetip    /interface
atwill    /interface
bilbo     /interface
clawz     /interface
slight    /interface
titi      /interface
wizz      /interface
siryon       /intryx
all members of  iris
            john fox
jys mc          /jys
shiny          /krom
         libert eric
   all members of   
     majic 12       
clark cox   /mystics
marauder    /mystics
maxximilian /nemesis
dune         /newday
zuul        /newtype
dts            /nova
gadin          /nova
polaris       /ozone
xann          /ozone
jugger        /panic
gretzky     /profecy
shaggy      /rap ace
baobab     /raydream
anex         /rebels
reflex       /rebels
executioner  /rednex
dca         /silents
ben    /soc. brigade
   /special brothers
dominator /starlight
alf       /starlight
arrow       /strange
dark knight         
gigicar   /symbiosis
rush      /symbiosis
avoriaz      /syntex
al capone           
      /the criminals
    thomas landspurg
thorion   /time zone
adventurer /trackers
axel         /treacl
fletch          /tsb
do x            /udo
latyl        /willow
nam          /willow
stc          /willow
wip          /ramjam
ttttt  h   h  eeeee 
  t    h   h  e     
  t    hhhhh  eeee  
  t    h   h  e     
  t    h   h  eeeee 
eeeee  n   n  dddd  
e      nn  n  d   d 
eeee   n n n  d   d 
e      n  nn  d   d 
eeeee  n   n  dddd  
dont miss reflex ...
the solaris demo 4