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    extabulator of society presents:    
             collection #01             
         released on: 9th april         
 f1 boomblastic                   rebels
 f2 strawberry fields forever       acme
 f3 beyond justice                dexion
 f4 confrontation demo            action
 f5 circle                       anxious
 f6 blitit                        accept
       contact us for any reason:       
         society  *  po box 203         
       87101 kajaani  *  finland!       

 credits for this little menu:           code by radical!                graphics by spiral!             cool tune by dean!              collected by extabulator!       for hot swapping send only own productions to:       society      po box  203      87101 kajaani      finland         my special greetings flyes to:    heatbeat of rebels    delorean of vertigo    stone of skid row    julianus of gemini    judge of byterapers    rainbow of wizzcat    krusifix of tsb    bomber of anarchy    all members of society  and  all the others... sorry no time to write more!    i let now my friend heatbeat to write something shit while i go eating some pizza...           whalllloooweeeeaah.....  this is heatbeat of rebels writing... i have not much time to write bcoz extabulator is eating my pizza, so i just send a smooth, warm kiss to miia.... (jag ar rakastunut) heatbeat of rebels sinking(?) off.....             here is extabulator again..... i want send warm kisses(more than heatbeat!) to my girlie named sere.... she looks so fucking nice.... i love her more than i love my amiga.......or well....i am not really sure..... now one insider message to puli mak baudi of intuition:  onko smirrea nakynyt ...heh....  oh shit..... sorry if stuff on disk is more or less old, but heatbeat wanted me to wait for their Anarchy conference demo..... but now... special greetings from radical of society must go to:      all society members worldwide      stone of skid row      random of caldron      slave      angus      dark young         that is that all .......