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SLIPSTREAM                               PRESENTS                                                                     SHADOW DANCER!                                                        F1 - UNLIMITED LIVES...........OFF      F2 - UNLIMITED TIME............OFF      F3 - UNLIMITED MAGIC...........OFF      F4 - UNLIMITED CREDITS.........OFF                                                                                         TRAINED BY SKOL! & KID VIDEO                                                'CONTINUITY' ON: +44 (0)81 841 5740                                              'THE PEACH' ON: +44 (0)582 475679                                                  SCORPION DEVELOPMENT IN 1991          YEP, WE'RE BACK AGAIN WITH ANOTHER COOL RELEASE...                    SHADOW DANCER!                 CRACKED BY N.O.M.A.D. OF CRYSTAL (HI MATE!)     -  TRY CURSORS UP,DOWN,LEFT AND RIGHT  -          DURING GAME TRY SPACE BAR TO ACTIVATE NINJA MAGIC!         DON'T FORGET TO GIVE OUR COOL BOARDS A RING       CALL THE SLIPSTREAM! EURO HQ             CONTINUITY ON +44 (0)81 841 5740      OR IF YOU WOULD LIKE SOME HOT PC WAREZ!!! THEN CALL       THE PEACH ON +44 (0)582 475679       200M STORAGE . UPTO 14.4 . 24 HOURS A DAY  IF YOU WISH TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ANY MEMBER OF SLIPSTREAM THEN LEAVE A MESSAGE WITH OUR SYSOPS (WIZZBIT) & (MAXX) AND THEY WILL PASS IT ON    MESSAGE TO ICE / PUNISHERS: I'LL PUT YOU ON ICE!         HIT RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON FOR GREETINGS AND GROUP INFO              ENJOY THIS RELEASE AND LOOK OUT FOR MANY MORE FROM       - SCORPION DEVELOPMENT OF SLIPSTREAM -                                                         WELL DONE! YOU HAVE ENTERED THE MEMBERS & GREETINGS PART OF THIS TRAINER..... FIRST SOME CREDS....          MUSIC: AMADEUS   GFX: STRYX   CODE: SKOL     NOW THE MEMBERS OF THE UK'S MOST ELITE! GROUP:-    KID VIDEO & GRAYZOR .  ANDI . DAMAXX . AX . FANGS . MATRIX . COOKIE MONSTER . MAXX . WIZZBIT . KAPPA . NITEMAN . GAMMA . HULMERIST . STRYX  AND LAST BUT BY NO MEANS LEAST SCORPION DEVELOPMENT CONSISTING OF SKOL! . ATLANTIS . AMADEUS & MOZART          SORRY NO GREETS THIS TIME GUYS, BUT YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!      THATS THE LOT .... SEE YOU IN MY NEXT TRAINER OR WHATEVER !