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DOCS FOR SD-BOOT V1.0                 YES, THE LATEST BOOTBLOCK UTILITY BROUGHT TO YOU BY            SCORPION DEVELOPMENT / SLIPSTREAM     ALL CODE IN THIS PRODUCTION GENAMED BY                     SKOL + ATLANTIS              DELUXE PAINTED LOGO BY                           STRYX                    FUTURISTIC COMPOSITION BY                            JUZ                     THANKS FOR THE MODULES...             TRY CURSORS UP/DOWN .... GOT IT.. GREAT YOU'LL PROBABLY STOP READING THE SCROLLER NOW BUT I DON'T MIND, I JUST WANT TO SEND SOME MESSAGES TO....                N.O.M.A.D / CRYSTAL - YOUR LAST BOOTBLOCK FOR SLIPSTREAM WAS YOUR BEST                     PIQ / V42 - IF YOU'RE STILL GOING, YOUR MEGA-BOOT WAS VERY PROFFESIONAL ,BUT DUE TO YOUR ROM CALLS IT DIDN'T WORK ON AMIGAS WITH 1.3 & 1.2                 LEXICON / ARCHAOS - ALRIGHT MATE...WE USED TO BE IN - INNER CITY - REMEMBER THAT ? ANYWAY VERY NICE BOOT , AND YOU BEAT US TO DISKCOPY APPARENTLY! I HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET! ...NEVER MIND!                 REBELS - I LIKED YOUR PAL OPTION BUT YOUR OTHER OPTIONS NEED IMPROVING.......        XAG OF EX-BETRAYAL - PROBOOT HAS SOME NICE IDEAS BUT THE OPTIONS ARE UNORIGINAL...........THATS ALL OF THE BOOTS I CAN REMEMBER AT THE MOMENT.....                                                       .ANARCHY. (HEY MEDIATOR SORRY ABOUT THE COMMENTS, WE WERE JUST PISSED OFF AFTER YOUR GROUPS VERY BAD PARTY, GIVE ME A CALL AND WE CAN HAVE A CHAT ABOUT IT O.K. ?) ALL COMMENTS TOWARDS .DAN. STILL STAND , WE AWAIT FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS IN THAT AREA.....IT'S SAD TO SAY IT BUT MOST OF THE CODERS ON THE 'SCENE' AGREE WITH ME......THINK ABOUT IT......HOW LONG DID 'MADNESS' TAKE TO COME OUT AFTER DAN'S LITTLE VECTORLIZER INTRO FOR SLIPSTREAM ?    YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING WHY WE (SD) HAVE STARTED ALL THIS ... WELL IT'S QUITE SIMPLE, PEOPLE WRITE DEMOS TO IMPRESS THEIR FRIENDS, AND TO GAIN STATUS ON THE SCENE.....MOST CODERS USE THEIR OWN HOMEMADE ROUTINES....OTHERS RE-SOURCE OTHER PEOPLES ROUTINES  I.E .DAN. YOU MIGHT SAY SO WHAT ? WELL YOUR GETTING TAKEN FOR A RIDE BY HIM, HE IS LAUGHING BEHIND YOUR BACK, HE HASN'T LEARNT TO CODE THE HARD WAY, HE'S TAKEN THE EASY OPTION.                                                                    PRESENT                                                                     A SCORPION DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTION                                                   -----------------------------------------                 SD-BOOT 1.0                   -----------------------------------------                                                               CREDITS                                                                            CODED & DESIGNED BY                                                                       SKOL & ATLANTIS                                                                                                                                                                                                INTRODUCTION                                ------------                                                                            SD-BOOT WAS PROGRAMMED BECAUSE MOST OF THE  ALREADY EXISTING BOOTBLOCK PROGRAMS ARE OF  VERY LOW QUALITY INDEED, BOTH IN OPTIONS    AND PRESENTATION                                                                        SO, THINKING WE COULD IMPROVE THE QUALITY   WE BEGAN TO CODE.........                                                               4 CODING DAYS LATER, IT IS FINISHED!        (THANKS TO ASPG BY ABACUS/DATA BECKER).                                                 AND WHATS THIS! CRAZY OPTIONS LIKE:                                                               QFORMAT & FFORMAT!                                                               HOW CAN THIS BE IN ONLY 1024 BYTES!                                                  ANYWAY ENOUGH OF THE BACKGROUND READ ON..                                                                                           ONCE YOU'VE INSERTED A DISK WITH OUR        BOOTBLOCK ON IT YOU ARE PRESENTED WITH A    VERY TIDY MENU.                                                                                                                     MENU                                        ----                                                                                        MEMORY :  ON        DRIVES :  ON                                                                                                              SD-BOOT 1.0                                                                           F1 - MEMORY OFF                             F2 - DRIVES OFF                             F3 - INSTALL BOOT                           F4 - QFORMAT DF0                            F5 - FFORMAT DF0                            F6 - HARD RESET / KILL VIRUS                F7 - EXIT                                                                                                               F1 - MEMORY, F2 - DRIVES                    ------------------------                                                                WHEN YOU ENTER THE BOOTBLOCK THE OPTIONS    AT THE TOP WILL SHOW YOU THE CURRENT        PERIPHERAL STATE OF THE MACHINE:                                                        IF YOU HAVE A MEMORY EXPANSION AT $C00000   OR ABOVE, MEMORY WILL DISPLAY ON.           IF YOU HAVE EITHER DF1 OR/AND DF2, DRIVES   WILL DISPLAY ON.                                                                        OTHERWISE THESE OPTIONS WILL DISPLAY OFF.                                                                                           F3 - INSTALL BOOT                           -----------------                                                                       GET OUT A NICE DISK, PREFERABLY ONE WITH    OMNIBOOT ON IT!! (HEY KRIS, IF YOU CAN'T    GET YOUR MEM ON/OFF WORKING BY VERSION      5.1, THEN YOU REALLY HAVE GOT PROBLEMS!).   WRITE ENABLE THE DISK INSERT INTO DF0: AND  PRESS F3.....MUTATION !                                                                                                             F4 - QFORMAT DF0                            ----------------                                                                        FOR A TURBO FORMAT, PRESS F4, THIS ONLY     UPDATES TRACK 40.                           (ROOT, BOOT & BITMAP BLOCKS).               ONLY USE THIS ON PRE-FORMATTED AMIGA DISKS  (SEE F5).                                   IF YOU PRESSED THIS BY MISTAKE, (AS SKOL    DID ON OUR ONLY SD-BOOT SOURCE DISK !!!),   YOU CAN SALVAGE THE FILES BY USING A DISK   SALVAGE PROGRAM LIKE DISKSALV OR FIXDISK    AS SUPPLIED ON:                              SCORPION DEVELOPMENT UTILITIES DISK V3.2                                                                                           F5 - FFORMAT DF0                            ----------------                                                                        PICTURE IT, YOU'VE JUST COME BACK FROM      THE COMMODORE SHOW WITH 50 LOVELY, NEW,     BLANK, UNFORMATTED DISKS , YOUR MATE SAYS   'COPY US THIS ''HOT'' NEW WARE' ......      WHAT DO YOU DO...RISK THE UNFORMATTED       DISK ON X-COPY OR BOOT UP YOUR FAVOURITE    BOOTBLOCK (OUR ONE!) , INSERT THE NASTY     (CHEAP) DISK AND PRESS F5, THEN IN UNDER A  MINUTE, HEY PRESTO!, NICE ROOTBLOCK,        BOOTBLOCK, AND BITMAPBLOCK INCLUDED, YES    FOLKS THIS IS A NEWLY FORMATTED DISK !!!                                                                                            F6 - HARD RESET / KILL VIRUS                ----------------------------                                                            NOW HOPEFULLY IF YOU ARE VERY LUCKY YOU     WILL NEVER SEE F6 CHANGE FROM HARD RESET    TO KILL VIRUS AND GO RED! BUT IF YOU DO WE  ADVISE YOU TO PRESS F6 AND KILL THE         THE BASTARD IN MEMORY! THEN GET THE DISK    CONTAINING THE VIRUS AND INSTALL THIS BOOT  ON IT (USE F3).                                                                                                                     F7 - EXIT                                   ---------                                                                               CONTINUES THE BOOTING TO CLI PROCEDURE,     THIS CAN BE DONE BEFORE WE SET UP OUR       SCREEN MEMORY ETC... BY HOLDING DOWN THE    LMB WHILST BOOTING.                                                                     WAIT FOR NEW UPDATES AND PRODUCTIONS FROM:                                                           SKOL & ATLANTIS                                                                   SCORPION DEVELOPMENT IN 1991                                                                                                 IF YOU WISH TO GREET OR SLAG US OFF,         (HI ANARCHY!), DO IT UNDER:                SCORPION DEVELOPMENT OF SLIPSTREAM THANKS!                                              IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS, BUG REPORTS..     ETC....,   THEN PHONE US ON......                                                                                                 SKOL      +44 (0)71-431-2829  ANYTIME!                                                  ATLANTIS  +44 (0)727-58369    TILL 23:00