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have you tried to write the word: -->  grace  <--  when the
Milan logo was disappeared ?? try it now !!!

    just another record     
 from the new kids in milan 
         > skandal <       
billy the kid    hq coder   
kichkaha         koder      
willow           koder      
demko            music coder
lord kada        koder      
acid             modemtrader
sly              gfx        
  ok, here are some greets  
     from billy the kid     
 first of all a big $thanx U$
   to wild rage of grace.   
  really thank you pal....  
i will never forget what you
     have done for me !     
other greets are coming up !
   we want to send greets   
   to the following people  
all the grace members around
 the globe. - jaby/live act 
 mosquito/manitou - sir/vlc 
  ddt/hbt - mr. madness/hbt 
darkman/zd - filippetto/vega
hackmax! - miza - belli bros
 pitagora -  vale baggins + 
  silver spring + hd case   
      of da omega team      
  cyber bug/legacy - blaze  
crusher/arise - acbs/ram jam
   mery/prophecy - esg/ibb  
 anxious/cave - monster/xzs 
stix/intense - agony/anarchy
the ripper/ntf - duck/decade
    coccy/italian style     
 hope you have enjoyed this 
      very short intro      
we made it just to show that
we are alive and to show you
 kichkaha@s vectors routine 
if you want to contact us:  
write to: billy the kid     
       >> invernizzi fabio  
          via cervino 13    
          i-20066 melzo [mi]
or leave an e-mail to:      
you can also call this cool 
board and leave a message to
>> billy the kid <<  or to  
>> techno beat <<  [demko]  
  call: $infinite dreams$   
        halfbrains team hq  
    node #1 :  58103714     
    node #2 :  58105803     
    node #3 :  58111887     
      sysop: shark/hbt      
     see you in another     
       >> skandal! <<       
     billy the kid - 17/6/92