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 okee, it's alex writing .......... so what should i write $ first two facts about writing 
scrolls   ............  also, when you write a scrolltext#  1. you must be in temporarily 
insane. even better if you are continuously insane, but then you won't be there writing 
scrolls. or in fact i don't know do they have any computers for patients in mental 
hospitals, but...             2. the best scrolls you write when you're fucking tired and 
the time is after 01#00 and you've been trying to do something clever for latest two hours,
 not succeeding with it at all. then your brain gets so sick that anything you write seems 
like scrolltext (scrolltext is always a little bit sick $!$!). try if you don't believe ...
 (i have never tried but i think it's going to work...)    oh well, i'll now tell a joke! 
yes, here it comes! ..................... once upon a time somewhere in southern finland 
lived a boy with his parents. the boy was very clever, though he was young. he achieved 
higher and higher grades at school and every teacher treated him as the most clever pupil 
at his school. ok, then one day his parents were thinking what to give him as a present, 
for his 15. birthday was near. so they went to the boy and said that they had thought to 
buy a moped as a present to him. you have managed very well at school,they said. but the 
boy didn't want the moped, but he asked his parents to buy him table-tennis balls with the 
same money that parents had thought to buy the moped. his father and mother thought that it
 was only an impulse, he was still a child. so they bought the table-tennis balls and the 
boy had to move his stuff to kitchen, cause his room was full of table-tennis balls. so. 
life continued, and the boy was even more clever. when it was his 16. birthday, again his 
parents asked him if he wanted a motor-cycle. but again, the boy wanted table-tennis balls 
as much as it's possible to buy with the money that his parents had thought to buy him a 
motor-cycle.his father asked where to put all those table-tennis balls. and the boy only 
said that the family would move to the garden and live in a tent, table-tennis balls he put
 to the house. then it was completely full.then parents decided to wait a year more without
 asking their boy anything about birthday presents. they waited, and their boy was 
appointed the mayor of the town he lived in. then one day, the parents made him clear that 
they're going to buy him a car. and they didn't want to hear about table-tennis balls. but 
the boy didn't want anything else but those table-tennis balls. again with the same money 
that the parents had thought to buy the car. his father went mad, but then calmed down and 
asked carefully where his lovely, clever boy would put all the table-tennis balls. the boy 
was really clever and he invented it immediately.he said his father to buy a ranch 
somewhere, then move all the table-tennis balls there. so they bought a ranch and started 
to move the balls with a truck. the boy sat alway on the load, and wathced that if any 
ball would fall from the load, the boy would jump after it. then at least his father and 
he were on the way with the last load and one, o n e (1) ball fell from the load and the 
boy jumped after it, fell to the ground and injured himself. he was taken to the hospital.
 his situation was critical. the days of sorrow went and the boy get better and they were 
going to let him home, when his condition got again very bad. they called his father from 
the hospital and said that if father has anything importand to ask or say to his boy, then
 to come with hurry, coz the boy wouldn't live very long time, only a few hours. so his 
father decided to ask his boy why he wanted all those table-tennis balls. he went to the 
hospital and stood beside the bed his boy was in. slowly, tranquilly, he asked his only 
child why did he want so much table-tennis balls, what was the meaning, the purpose of 
them. what was he going to do with'em. the boy opened his eyes a little to show he was 
still alive. then he tried to find the right words...  i..., he started, ..i w...wanted 
... to... the struggle was too much, he didn't stand it. he closed his eyes and screamed 
his last scream. he died under his own father's eyes............................. fun 
wasn't it $$$$$$$ ...................................... don't kill me for that, kill my 
teacher, who told that first! - bye and heil to  ** mauno koivisto ** ------------- 

    .     .    .   .  .  ......  this is contact,greetings and credits channel made by .........  so,first of all,something unbelievable !!!      our address !      
(grab pen and paper to get it)       ----after--a--moment--- --we--will--continue--* 
-silver spirit- *         pororaito 5         96440 rovaniemi        finland        now 
you have our address and if you think,that you need also a reason to contact us,here is 
two examples#   swapping is good reason to write and joining us is also good one,cause 
we need more graphicians,musicians ,swappers and coders......then some   ** greetings **
    f i r s t  of all to:      amigaman(wizzcat)           for help that he has given 
me,you are also great person.also golden greetz to our new members#  i c e l o r d   
and  w e i r d o ..... and then to dtw(wizzcat),who is my friend ($$) and to (a-z order)
#           accession,acid force,bloodsuckers,byterapers,dexion,fraxion,freedom force,
j-beam,mirage inc. ,sons of mercy and wizzcat..... sorry if your name wasnt there but   
*the-whole-holy-list*  will be in my next demo !!!! i promise that !! (if somebody cares
 that much $$) and greetings of course to all members of silver spirit.credits# code and
 design by , muzak by alex ,logo by alex , cosini-scrollfont was ripped from 
arcadia, other gfx by  .  .   .    .     .    ---