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                                 Hello!  This is Silicon League with another prerelease!  It's called                 Legend of Faerghail                    We hope you enjoy it.  The endversion should be worth looking out for...                Our silicon regards to:   Ackerlight, Alcatraz, Antitrax, Bamiga Sector One, Defjam, DOC, Jungle Command, Megaforce Austria, Trinita, Thrust, Trilogy and World Of Wonders.     Special greetings from MnemoTroN to Mr.Return of Black Division and to Bitspy of Tristar.         Sorry for this cheap Intro, but the disk is nearly full and there is no other Intro at hand right now  ( Hi, Vision Factory!  Sorry, but I got no ideas... ).   Oops, I nearly forgot to tell you: press 1-7 to switch music.             As a reward for reading the scroll this far, now some cheats:   1.  Sword of Sodan:  Insert the World Of Wonders-Version and press the fire-button on the joystick in port 1 during the intro and hold it down.  Now press the left mousebutton to quit the intro and release the joystick-button ( in this order ).  You'll get unlimited lives and an incredible hitstrength.               2.  Enter 'SARA' at the password-protection of Elite and press 'Help' during the game. Now try....               3.  Enter  HELLOIAMJMP  in Nebulus to get unlimited lives and use the function keys to select level.               4.  Enter  XR3ITURBONUTTERBASTARD  in Menace to get all weapons and press the numbers on the keypad to access levels.            5.  StarGlider II:  Press 'F' for fixed sights and stop the ship.  Press Backspace and enter 'WERE ON A MISSION FROM GOD1'.  Pressing 'K' will give you all weapons and the energy levels will drop to a fixed level.               This was the cheat corner.     Buy...