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Credits for this BBS Intro go to:

High speed coding              - TAS

Awesome Graphics               - SAINT

                               - AERO

                               - LILS

Terminal Disaster Screen       - THOMAS

Cool Music                     - BLAIZER

Large Ghost Screen,
(first attempt by modemtrader) - SLASH

Call this kick ass BBS in the USA

Terminal Disaster is the Silents WHQ  
Elite dudes only 0 day warez only
Now supports PC warez

Number coming up!

                              Members of Silents in the UK are:    TAS  -  SAINT  -  AERO  -  LILS  - MFD  -  FOBIA  -  ENGINEER  -  ABYSS  - SLASH  -  VORED COMPUTATOR... NEW CODERS WANTED CALL SAINT ON +44 (0) 264 334 054....                                                                                                                                                                                               JAKE/TSL is back! first of all call my damn BBS! TERMINAL DISASTER at 215-739-2150! We've got a special conference with ALL Silents Productions released since the Group was found, and all are FREE DOWNLOADS! so if you missed a demo or a music disk make sure to call! now a little update on the current status of SILENTS...The French division is no longer with Silents due to a cash offer from Anarchy for their productions..well you know what they say: MONEY TALKS! too bad some groups are desperate!!               Of course this is not a rumour! this is what one of the French members told us, we do not have anything against Anarchy but it certainly changes our opinion about them. The Belgian section was killed by Animal right before the French joined Anarchy, but all the Belgians are back in TSL for a while, until we see something from them! same goes for the Norwegians...We also have a new members of Silents! in ENGLAND!! from the people who brought you EGO TRIP a new demo will follow to top the charts once again!!!? As you know our leader will be back on the 17th of January from the States...THREE of TSL members went over to USA for the holidays! Anthony, Gizmo and Animal! COOL or what! another thing; Animal said that ROBOTRON of TSL is not... affiliated with SILENTS! sorry Robotron! and Jake does have more friends than YOU do! Also we got a new modem trader! called WILDCARD ! from Belgium. Now for some thank you, thank yous: Jake would like to thank        Saint & Aero and Tas for producing this GREAT INTRO! and Thomas of TSL DK for the TERMINAL DISASTER LOGO! greetz go to RYGAR/SCIENCE451, METALLICA/SR,  CADDY/???, DEPECHE , and all the rest! HO HO HO! JAKE OVER AND OUT!                                                                       Hiya Tas on the keyz.... with some text from the two productive uk guys TAS & SAINT.... Well here it is the BBS intro in its final form... we did not have as much time as we would have liked to work on this production as Tas was only able to work on it for two evenings and in that time he had to design all the objects and compress all the data. Apart from the download time for all the GFX/MUSIC (Tas has a 1200 baud modem) most things went well except for the Reloc16 problem Argasm has, but the intro is finished and sitting infront of you. If you want to contact Tas for coding chats then call +44 (0) 707 373 882 anytime, but weekends are best.                                                    Saint Speaks..... First of all I would like to thank DOUBLE E of DCS for the loan of his A1000 whilst mine was repaired, Note, I had to draw most of these graphixs on a black and white TV so I havn't seen them yet! and thats why the pieces are a little uninventive.                                                                                TAS & SAINT greet the best.........             ANARCHY - KREST, NUKE     NEMESIS - COSY, XTC, WOLVERINE, ACTION MAN, ZELNIK, MEGADRIVE, SKYWALKER, N.O.M.A.D     ANTHROX - MANX, HI TEA, GRAFFITI   ALL OF TSL AROUND THE GLOBE    SLIPSTREAM - DATA, GRYZOR     DIGITAL - SPOOK, NO.5    FAIRLIGHT - SPLAT    SKIDROW - SLAYER     CRYSTAL - DAN     RAZOR 1911 - MR T     VISION FACTORY - DREAM WARRIOR     WIZZCAT - SHOCKWAVE LSD - PASA     ALL OF CRIONICS, ALCATRAZ, RADICAL, PHENOMINA AND OUR INDEPENDANT FRIENDS - FIREFLY, VOYAGER, ZIGOR, HYBRID, SOUL, BITMAP, 4-MAT     THATS ALL DUDES.......... SEE YA LATERS.......                           TAS & SAINT 1992