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         ² s e n s i c s ³        
   presents a gordon and ragman   
         production called        
          lightmusics iv          
  but first the credits of this   
         little sounddisc         
    coding             gordon     
    logo painted       ragman     
    soundripping       gordon     
    idee               gordon     
      some notes from gordon      
dont be afraid of this shitty menu
  but it ive done this in hurry   
   press help for the help menu   
   and chose your song with the   
       f keys from f1 to f6       
            and 1 to 6           ¼ 
 some personal greets from gordon 
     to the following persons     
   kenzo of the dream team (ibm)  
   i hope for you that your box   
       will be a cool one         
    call magnetic lines for the   
    hottest amiga and ibm stuff   
    mr.rox and irq of betrayal    
   good luck for this new group   
    i hope it wouldnt end like    
           legend or so           
    alf  (sysop of melmac bbs)    
    hi whats up guy with your     
             new group            
     megadeath and shut berlin    
         of endless piracy        
     hope you will keep up your   
        cracks and releases       
       and good luck in 1991      
          mark of supplex         
    where are your cool cracks    
       jumbo of the wizzards      
   if you have more time call me  
  some short greets are going to  
   phantom , syntan , cobra and   
    to all members of sensics     
     the text will now restart    
   so listen to this cool tunes   
            - the great gordon -  

welcome to this little demonstration. use your cursor keys to select one of this crazy heads. each head will inform you about another project of me.                       text restarts now.                                                                 
ok my next project is a beast demo ! its nearly ready. i only wait for the sounds and the logo. in the demo you can see a paralax scrolling like in the game beast !!                       scroller restarts now !!!!                                                                     
another project is the ultimate ship demo. this demo is a multipart demo. in this demo we will tell you a story about three crazy spacepilots!!!                             scroller restarts now !!!!                                                             
in the next weeks i will code a new modulo scroller. this modulo scroller looks really nice. its really a new art of scroller ! thanks for the idea to ragman                 scroller retarts now !!!!                                                                
in the future i will do more trainers !!                                                                     im out of ideas !!