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         -  sensics  -        
t h e   r u l i n g  f o r c e
     is proud to present      
       from data becker       
     original by rockwell     
  if you want to contact us   
        then write to         
 plk 102522c , 1000 berlin 41 
    for the newest sensics    
     stuff call the curse     
     or breaking the wall     

Welcome to the newest release from   SENSICS        This time it's DATA BECKER'S VECTOR-OBJECT-EDITOR.       For the newest games , releases and trainers CALL THE CURSE or another ELITE board like BREAKING THE WALL         Some short GREETS from GORDON to :          Mr.Rox  ,  Fred Feinbein (coolest guy in berlin) ,  Mark and Sven (SUPPLEX)  ,  Jumbo (WIZZARDS, Greets to Jumbo Junjor)  ,  Shut Berlin and Megadeath (ENDLESS PIRACY)  , Bigballs (sysop of RFO)  and to all cool uploaders in THE CURSE                                                  @