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scrooge hurts your balls with a new production from our danish section!!  it is called 'sine disaster'    as you may have noticed is this the biggest sinescroller ever seen. if you wanna get in touch with us call bigger and deffer   0 4 9  ( 0 ) 6 9  3 8 8 5 8 5   sysop white knight  running on amiga 3000, elite only !!!i guess you also recognized that we are not dead, as some rumours said. we also had some problems with some (lame) guys claiming to be a scrooge member!!! therefore i will include a complete memberlist...   scrooge members are in z-a order : white knight, vamp, uxorious, t.g., stargroove, red alert, notech, mr.ram, mac, jo, infate, flex, billy the kid, double v, black ghost, allen...... and nobody else!!   greetings to all who might believe to deserve it.... especialy to all our members !!!     i also have to congratulate flex, uxorious, jo ... yeah! i really like this one! great work! also special thanx to zaniness for the really nice logo !   sorry no more time ...  hope you enjoyed this.... and watch out for our very soon coming cracks!!!     scrooge! the only way to feel delighted!   mac signing off.....    scroll restarts.