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      JODEL VAN BRODEL FROM* AUSTRIA ... HOW+ W+ONDERFULL THIS DEM*O IS !?!        LAM*E CHARSET  ??  e00        e04                      e7    NICE CHARSET !!! e00      e04   SCOOPEX PRESENTS  e00 e1        0e04 $$$$$ A VERY TINY DEM*O CALLED $$$ "BLITTER INFECTION" e00        e04 CODED ONCE IN A LIFETIM*E BY THE VERY LAZY LORDSHIP $$$ CRAZY VAN TYPER !!!    e5Pe5Le5Ee5Ae5Se5Ee5 e5Ne5OTE THE CLIPPING e2OF OUR NICE e4SCOOPEX VECTOR OBJECT $$$$$$$$$  IN RECENT TIM*ESe8 M*ANY NEW+ DEM*OS HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED BY OUR CREW+ !!! THESE DEM*OS W+ERE CODED BY OUR NEW+ AND COOL M*EM*BERS. I (CT) W+AS VERY BUSY STUDIING AT THE UNIVERSITYe1 OF VIENNA (INFORM*ATICS OF COURSE) $$$ THATS THE REASON W+HY THERE W+ERE NO CRAZY DEM*OS FOR NEARLY ONE YEAR (SORRY M*ATES). BUT NOW+ THE HOLIDAYS STARTED AND I DECIDED TO CODE THIS SHITY QUICK PRODUCTION $$$ HOPE YOU LIKE IT$$$$$$$$$$                                                                                                                                                             5  4  3  2  1  0000000RESET00000000e00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

HI TIP. Parts of the following routine were takenfrom Your 3d-Vector Demo. I didnt rip them ,I had the Source !!! I wanted to code them by myselfbut I found no way to make it better. So I took Yours. I hope you are not angry with me ???