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 Sargon SoundTracker-Ripper V1.5 

Type Command : 



 For all SoundTrackers !    Written by Shir Khan of SARGON in June 1989

 Song Name       : ++++++++++++++++++++    Ripper Location: $000000-$000000
 Song Location   : $000000
 Module Length   : $000000
 Song Length     : $00
 Highest Pattern : $00        MaxInstr : $FF

   Nr.  Instrumentname            Length   Volume   Repeat   RepLen›18E Press Mouse Button to stop Music !

 P-Play  N-Start Search  S-Cont Search  SM-Save Module  H-Help  X-Exit›11H
    1.  ++++++++++++++++++++++    $0000    $0000    $0000    $0000


 You can enter the following commands:
 [Parameters] are not nesessary. (Default parameters) are used.

 1. Play Sounds:

   p   - play the song you see   (be careful with corrupt songs !)

   pix - play instrument #x on keyboard (like ST).

   l0 / l1 - Filter on / off (only AMIGA 500)

 2. Search for a Song:

   n   - begin at $000000 to search for a song and stop when
         found one or when mouse button pressed.

   s   - continue searching at 'Song Location'.

   s-  - continue searching downwards.

   saaddr - Set 'Song Location' to <addr>

   sp  - when found a song without instruments you can search for the old
         playroutine and copy the instruments behind the song.
         Use only when you heard the Song before you started to rip it !!

 Please Press »RETURN« ! 

 3. Copy Memory:

   cm[addr] - Copy Module to <addr> ($40000)

   cs[addr] - Copy Song   to <addr> ($40000)

   ci       - Copy eventual instruments in front of the song to its end.

 Note : When found a song at $60000-$7f000 without instruments
        use this: cs or cs38000
        then      sp
        because when copying 15 Instruments to $70000 you will
        come out of chip-mem and crash.

 4. Disk Operations:

   ss[filename] - save song (as 'st-00:songs/songname')

   sm[filename] - save module (as 'st-00:modules/mod.songname')

   six[,filename] - save instrument #x (as 'instrname')

   lmfilename   - load module to $40000.

   di[dir]      - show the (current) directory

   cddir        - change current directory to <dir>.

 Please Press »RETURN« ! 

   sw - Swap Instrument names (for songs with $1f instruments).

   x  - Exit Ripper

 Some hints :

 - Don't play songs of which you see that they are corrupt !

 - The ripper ignores instrument and song names but searches
   for possible instrument and pattern combinations.
   So it finds nearly every tune but sometimes also much useless stuff.
   Don't get angry !

 Please Press »RETURN« !