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                 sargon is proud to present another demo for demo competition  this is btc speaking and i will write now     hello there !!! first i should say that i m very sorry for our mega-delays...  but as you know danny mark and tommy were caught but now we are back again    we are looking for new members to join ...    but i (btc) am looking for a new group to join    i and some other members will leave sagon when there will be no succsess until the beginning 1990    if you want our bbs number then i must say that i forgot it     but you can also write to plk 073976 c    5060 berg.gladbach 2    w. germany      i send friendship greetings to     black monks supreme threat animate complex razor 1911 and to horizon      i must finish now and see batman for the third time    bye                     

      hello there !!! i think this is the very first dubble buffering copper intro or demo     wait and you will see cool effects       credits for this demo ot demo     coding by shk      muzak by an unknown person       gfx by black monks and by shk    this demo is also for the demo competition on the northstar party           hey you judges    we are presented by our members in sweden    so we can compete