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    welcome to the vectorworld-part !!  move mouse or stick left or right to rotate kamera . move mouse or joystick up or down to move kamera for- or backward. hold left mousebutton or joystickbutton down plus moving up or down will change the kameraheight. press right mousebutton to stop kameramovement. left and right mousebutton to leave !                      some technical infos about the vectorworld :  first vectorworld on amiga with cylinders, cones, circles and spheres. most exact realtime cylinder- and conecalculation on amiga. handles about 20 flying objects and 80 bottom-objects.   the routines are over half a year old, but have been improved and improved and improved and ... guess you know what i mean !! by the way: this demo should run on all amigas with 1mb memory. turboboard-owners can even load it from their harddisk, because "interference" recognizes a vectorbase in fastmemory !