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--Noise Player--

  Can't Open 'req.library' !! 
  Not Enough CHIP-Memory !! 
  Load ERROR !! 
  Module Format ERROR !! Try Another One !! 

 NoisePlayer, Version 3.00 
  Copyright © 1990 By Flynn/TRISTAR!, This Program Is -»FREE WARE«-.
  Loading, Please Wait...
 !! Press Left MouseButton To STOP...
 !! Press Right MouseButton To STOP...
 !! Press Both MouseButtons To STOP...
 !! Press Left AMIGA+Control To STOP...
 !! Press ESCape Key To STOP...
 !! There Is NO EXIT !!

 !! Press Left MouseButton To STOP !! Bye Bye...
 !! Press Right MouseButton To STOP !! Bye Bye...
 !! Press Both MouseButtons To STOP !! Bye Bye...
 !! Press Left AMIGA+Control To STOP !! Bye Bye...
 !! Press ESCape Key To STOP !! Bye Bye...

 !! There Is NO EXIT !! Bye Bye...

 NoisePlayer, Version 3.50 
  Copyright © 1990 By Flynn/TRISTAR!, This Program Is -»FREE WARE«-.
  This version by Jolyon Ralph.

  USAGE: NoisePlayer [-options] [filename]

    -m#  Load Module And Play...
    -p#  Load Module Into Background And Play...
    -r   Load Req.Library And Use It For File Requester, Text Output...
    -i   Global Information And Copyright Notices.

  # Defines The Way To Exit:
  1 = Left MouseButton.     2 = Right MouseButton.   3 = Both MouseButtons.
  4 = Left AMIGA+Control.   5 = ESCape.              6 = NO EXIT !!

  This Version (3.5) Handles NoiseTracker, Startrekker (4 chan), Protracker,
  SoundTracker 2.3-2.5, Future Composer, Delta Music 2.0-2.1, Sound Monitor,
  SIDMon, TFMX And Jam Cracker Modules.

    This version also fixes silly timing bugs that made it fall over
  on anything faster than a standard 68000. Now Kickstart 2.0 compatble!

  This version written on 16/17 March 1991. 

  IMPORTANT  NOTICE: This Program Is Copyrighted By Flynn/TRISTAR!, But Can
  Be Freely Distributed, Providing That The Following Rules Are Respected !

    - No Change Is Made To The Program Nor To The Accompaning Documentation
    - The  Package Is Always Distributed In Its Complete Form Consisting Of
      3 Files:  'NoisePlayer' , 'Req.Library' And 'NoisePlayer.Doc'.
    - Every  Form Of Distribution Is Allowed And Encouraged, But No Fee Can
      Be Charged For This Program Exept For, Possibly, The Cost Of Magnetic

  By   Copying,  Distributing  And/Or  Using  The Program You Indicate Your
  Acceptance Of The Above Rules.

  Req.library  Is Copyright ©1989, 1990 By C.W. Fox And Bruce Dawson. It Is
  Freely Distributable. No Charge May Be Made For It's Distribution, Except
  For A Nominal Media Fee.

  Power-Packer Is Copyright ©1989, 1990 By Nico François !!

  Jolyon's Message: I am releasing an altered version
  of this program into the Public Domain because a) I have been
  unable to contact the author, b) the software was badly broken 
  and c) TRISTAR don't seem to have taken much notice of other 
  people's copyrights in the past. How can someone copyright something
  when he's using a pseudonym? Daft really..... 

Load Module(s), SHIFT For Multi-Select... 

 »» N E X T «« 
 »» Q U I T «« 
Req.Library · Power-Packer · NoisePlayer
                  -»NoisePlayer V3.50«-
Written by Flynn of TRISTAR. Updated version by JOLYON RALPH.

  Now supports Protracker (1.1B) and Startrekker (1.3)!!!!!
            This program is -»FREE WARE«- !!

      Use AMIGA+Left/Right Arrow Keys In TFMX Mode.

  Now Playing The Module: '%s'.
  Made With %s   Length: %ld Bytes.

Future Composer 1.3
Future Composer 1.4
StarTrekker 4-chan.
SIDMon 1.0         
Sound Monitor.     
T.F.M.X. Editor.   
Delta Music 2.0    
Jam Cracker 1.0    
MarkII Sound System
StarTrekker .NT    


 Not Enough Chip-Memory For Requested Song! 
 You Only Have About -»%ld«- Bytes! 
 Ok To Retry Anotherone? 

 This Is NO Sound-Module I Know! 
 Try Anotherone!