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    hi guyz !!!!!!  this is kreator of s-xpress with my latest demo called
  aftershock      , press the right mouse button to cycle the sinuses.
       first the credits --- all coding by myself, the little bobs
were also drawn by me, this rather nice font was ripped from a defcon 1
demo, and this music from the outrun europa game by allister brimble
of sonic graffiti. i am writing a little music demonstrator on the 64
for sonic graffiti at the moment, and then one on the amiga, so any
software companies out there take note.   i'll soon be returning to the
rigours of a university education, but dont worry i will continue to
swap and code when i get the time. if anyone wants to contact me just write
to     michael troughton,          42 browfield terrace,       
silsden,           keighley,          west yorks.,           
bd20 9pt.          england.      before october 6th, after this time up until
december 3rd write to        michael troughton,         st. peters college,
          oxford.         ox1 2dl        (do not put kreator on your letters
or the porter wont know who to give the letter to)

thats enough of that, raistlin my brother (the lamer!!!!) is quitting the
64 scene very soon, so heres a word from it.            never mind he's just gone
downstairs to make a coffee so its me again. if there are any metal freaks
reading this boring text then write to me ok !!           bobs back again.        hi geeks! 
 kreator is obsessed with coffee... if a person moves in this house he assumes
 they are going to make a coffee!    at the moment i am, as kreator said, in the
 process of stopping all swapping etc on the c64... i have to do a lot of work
for school so that i get the a-levels i need!   i am surprised that kreator has 
not written his "top 10 all time heavy metal charts" yet... anyway, i must go 
now to get on with some heavy work.   here's that lamer again...     
  bob's recently had all his hair shaved off, so i think all that cold air has
affected his brain.   oh well here's my "all time top ten heavy metal albums"
     maybe not!!!!    if there are any heavy metal musicians out there, write some
music for me and i'd be eternally grateful.    what do you think of the 128
sprite multiplexing dysp in the side border with 300 stars and sideborder scroller
 oh no!!!!!!!   i'm developing a 64 programmers ego  Aaaaaargh!!!!!!!
       ok so this demo isn't that technically impressive but i don't care
cause i like it!!!! 

well i've still got several scrolltexts to write today so i must sign off now
    see ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!