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       Hi..... Welcome to Merry Melodies  By Relay.....   All melodies composed and produced by Bernard Sumner   All coding by Nexus   and finally the logo was painted by Mutley  and talkin of Mutley, here to start us off are a few words from the legned himself....... BOBMYDOGDIDRIDE?   Yup. It is MUTLEY back again for his billionth scrolltext.  INDEX informs me that he needs a scrolltext so LO and BEHOLD, GOD Doth bringest one forth.  Tis a miracle.  Why, you may ask, am I writing this crap?  The reason is that my house is currently full of Australians(COBBER).  AUSTRALIA - Where men are men and sheep are nervous!.....   I think it is message time...   To Wal (DUAL CREW) - Nice to hear from you mate, hoper you start writing music again soon. How is Finland these days (Still boring? (Just like this scroller?? (NAH...Cannot be that boring!..)))  .  Morph of anybody that lets him join (Thanks for the action replay, game graphics soon (PROMISE!!!))  . DAZ of RELAY (Keep coding ya bas) . DOPE of RELAY (Nice work (?) in the menu, get drunk more often, you do excelent work with a hangover!!!) . INDEX of RELAY (STUNNING SENDINGS!) . HOUND of RELAY (Keep it up! (PHEEEEK!))  . Anybody else of RELAY (HELLO!) . Laserbrain of CRUSADERS (wheres my selector pack?!?!?)  . Spook of Digital (Cannot wait to see HYSTERISIS II...) . Everybody else in Digital that I know.... (HELLO ALSO!)    Mega FUCKINGS To Mike Haas, who made the cretinous text editor I am typing on.       EEEEK! The ausies have arrived! As usual they want to play some crappy games.... All Australians are lame.... What is lame? asks the shortarsed one. That just about sums it up. What could be worse. Not only Australian, but Pre.pubecent too. (I think I may have to explain... A couple of Aussies are staying at my house for a few days and they brought their kids... Alan (7) Peter (9) and Leanne (15 (Stupid Name...)) Any of you want to type anything to the viewing millions?  .....    FUCK OFF          ......Well thanks for that Leanne(STUPID NAME), hilarious I must say.    oop. The little fucks have gone away to see the pond so I think I will just dissapear into a bottle of cheery VODKA (A kind gift from old studpid name herself!)...     See you in a moment....       EEEH! Pacific(Origin) is on the record deck, vodka is in my gut, the phone is off the hook and everything is WONDERFULLLLLL. Well, could be better... I could be in Australia while this lot are over here...  Oz is such a great place, I do not understand why anybody would want to come to crappy Britain... I suppose they just came over because we promised to put them up after they did the same for us when we were there.  Tight BASTARDS!  YIPPEE!  Leanne is back. (The Crowd Go OOOAAAAAAGGGHHHHH). Apparently, you can hear my music from the bottom of the garden (about 200M away) and apparently the neighbours are complaining about it.  FUCK YOU! I will remember this the next you start mowing the lawn at 9am on a Sunday morning... NAZIS.   Talk about long scrollers...  No, why should I... Are you calling my pint a poof? ...  YAPILEOFUCKYA AMGONNAKNOCKYAFUCKINEADOFF. etc. etc. etc. Well since there is nothing else for me to say, I will be will be off now. Unless STUPID NAME wants to type anything again......      FUCK OFF!   Christ (ON A BIKE), That was a surprise.   OOP! That was a blasphemer was it not? I will rot in hell through the seven levels of painN, humiliation and debauchery till I reach the pinnacle of the anguish where Judas Escariot lies in fire and ice and only then will my soul be cleansed.       ..  DANTES INFERNO really was a load of old crap was it not?     Give me Daivd Icke any day.  I am the God head.  I am a spritual leader.  I am a beetroot.  I am a nutter.  (Leanne looks a bit confused... obviously the son of God has not hit down under yet....)      Just to remind you, I am MUTLEY, I am bored and I am finished with this boring scroller...  I will leave you with my motto ---    It only takes a little bit of greed to get a whole lot of stuff      See you later people..... MUTLEY  (AND STUPID-NAME) Signing off..... BYEEEEEEE!       Hi there.... Bernard Sumner back on the keyboard to just say a few words......  firstly I would like to say sorry to Mutley, for not using this scroller of his which Ive had for over 4months!!!!  ...Also to Index, because Me and Nex havent released anything for ages!.    If you want a music contact or you want any other music disks of mine then send to the following address.........    Phil,   30 North Street,    South Normanton,   Derbys DE55 2AF.        Yeah.. Its 4/10/91 (The day before the Digital party)  Time 10.41 ,Im hear typing this scroll and currently listening to THE EXORCIST by THE SCIENTIST! through my 4K (sub bass) music set-up,  This music disk will hopefully be released tommorow at the party in Rawmarsh (about 30 miles(20 mins) away from me).      I hope I dont fall asleep on the motorway.. cause tonight Im going to a RAVE in Nottingham, which starts at 10PM and ends at app.6AM.  I shall get home at about 7AM and I then have to load up the car and pick up Nexus at 8AM (Thanks to Index, who gave me the idea of using a wet towel to keep me awake!!)  I shall then get to Dr.Trogs house at around 8.30AM and then at Rawmarsh for around 9AM.... yeah   Oh great THE BEE is next on the tape...   (Hang on, while I turn my strobe on!!)  ahhh thats better..      Oh shit, my df1 is giving some trouble (perhaps I shouldnt of taken it in the bath with me!)    Well, I hope you like this music disk. This tunes on this disk were written between Apr-Sep91 and most of the samples are from my synths and drum machines (with only a few ripped ones)   Nexs favourite tune on this disk is INSIDE N OUT.   While mine is RIDING THE EXUP!..     Anyway this is enuff from me  here is INDEX                               Hello music lovers, Index of Relay here at the keys just mainly to say hello to a few people,  so lets not delay it any longer , greetings are going out to the following guys and groups in no particular order of merit, ok.  Parasite - Lsd , Rotox - Kryptic , Elwood - Mystix , Tiernan , Glen, Duncan, Wilf, Jim, Fozzy, John, Ziggy, Pete, Mark, Bod, Popeye, Rob, Lord Flight - Destiny,  Ian, Trev, Gweebo, Firefly thanks for the package , erm what package , exactly , I spoke to you nearly six months ago and I have been waiting ever since, dont worry about it mate but I would like to see some of the vectors youve been working on at college eh !!   also to Mutley, Dope, Daz, Nexus, Hunter, Rem, Eagle, Matrix and last but not least one of the most prolific song writers on the scene today Bernard Sumner,  so watch out for more quality music disks from Relay in the near future and that about wraps it up for this time, sorry to allmy contacts not mentioned, Im a bit under the influence and at the present find it a little tough at remembering all your names as my list is nowhere in sight. This will have to do so enjoy this disk and of course the music on it, oh yes I nearly forgot, Relay still require another graphics artist, so get in touch with us if you want to join in the fun, we will be at the Digital party on october 5th, so see us there if your interested, that is finally it..  bye bye     

  BEING GREAT                           
  FIRST REAL SHOCK                      
  GO ALONE                              
  I LOVE YOU MORE                       
  INSIDE 'N' OUT                        
  OLD DAYS                              
  OPEN YOUR HEART                       
  RIDING THE EXUP                       
  SMILES AND TRUMPETS                   
  THREE TIMES A LADY                    
  WELCOME HOME