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red sector no.1 - no risk no fun - please hold on!   this demo is called    - the return -      cool soundtrack made by our musicgenius: bitarts  the only group who are allowed to use zis sound are our friends in vision factory and beyonders..after a break of nearly five month we in red sector are back and stronger than ever before so nobody will ever stop us now  the cooperation brak down but we will stay our right place in thiz hard computerworld... if ya can supply us with the newest originals or if ya are a cool demo coder than please write to: (no name) plk 064635 d  4000 duesseldorf 11  west germany     please no lamers or guyz who just wanna trade new stuff...for tradin call our red sector hq bbs: 718-897-7245 for the newest warez.......   the real members of red sector are: bill cursor....ramstone....romeo knight....scum....spike....tkay....the phantom!            special thanxx to drone for uploading this demo on cnet!      our best regards going to: defjam - oracle - vision factory and beyonders - tip - asia inc - the band - bencor brothers - eagle soft - hqc - unit a - megaforce - doc - steelpulse - fairlight - trilogy - bamiga sector 1 - quadlite - traitors - eca 1998 and all the others   over and out    red sector production 1989!