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s2                               REBELS                    THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN                     TRILOGYs1         s2 MIGHT BE DENMARKS FASTEST...                    DEXIONs1         s2 MIGHT BE DENMARKS BEST CODERS...                    KEFRENSs1         s2 MIGHT BE DENMARKS UGLIEST...                    BUT                    s1REBELS               s2ARE              DENMARKS                    FUNNIESTs1            s2                   s4ANYWAY - WE ARE GOD DAMN PROUD TO BRING YOU THE VERY FIRST MEGADEMO FROM REBELS                    SELECT THE DEMO YOU WANT TO SEE BY CLICKING ON IT'S ICON  -  WHEN YOU HAVE SEEN THE DEMO THIS SELECTOR WILL APPEAR AGAIN...                   THE REASON WE DIDN'T USE TRACKDISK ON THIS DEMO IS THAT WE WANT PEOPLE TO PUT THEIR FAVOURITE DEMOS ON DEMO-COLLECTIONS...                    CREDITS FOR THIS SELECTOR ARE.                    CODING BY DROOPY                    FILE-LOADER BY PROXT                    MUSIC BY STATIC                    MOST OF THE GRAPHICS BY STATIC [THE POINTER WAS DRAWN BY RAZ AND THE CHARSET WAS RIPPED FROM AN AGENTS INTRO]                    A FEW SPECIAL GREETINGS GOES TO OUT COOLEST FRIENDS...                    s8TRILOGY - BLACK MONKS - THE BAND - SPREADPOINT - ALPHAFLIGHT - THORAX - ACES - ILLUSTRA - EASTER BUNNIES - SUPPLY TEAM\TARTAN ARMY\KERFENS AND T.A.P                    s4TO SEE THE REST OF THE GREETINGS CHECK OUT THE ALOHA DEMO..                    TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE SEEN THE RANK OF DANISH GROUPS IN THE P.E.N.I.S MAGAZINE  -  THIS IS OUR VERSION...  s1                   1 - TRILOGY                    2 - KEFRENS\TARTAN ARMY\SUPPLY TEAM                    3 - REBELS                    4 - BS1-DK                    5 - DEXION                    [THE GOONIES ARE DEAD - MAY THEY REST IN PEACE...]                   TO CONTACT US WRITE TO.                    REBELS                    POSTE RESTANTE                    3400 HILLEROD 2                    DENMARK                    OR IF YOU ARE A FONE-PHREAK CALL ME [RAZ] AT THIS NUMBER.                    s142-42 47 05 [IN DENMARK; OF COURSE]                    s4OK - BEFORE WE RESTART THIS SCROLL WE'LL WRITE OUR COMPLETE MEMBER-LIST.                    SWAPPERS.                    RAZ - MCFREAK - JAKE - GHOSTRIDER - JOZ - ALIEN - THRASHER                   CODERS.                    VANDAL - DROOPY - ZONIX - PROXT - CRUNCHER - VALAR - ELITE -XOD                    ARTISTS.                    STATIC - TEMET - ASSASSINATER                    MUSICIANS.                    YOYO - STATIC [AGAIN!]                                       RAZ AND MCFREAK SIGNING OFF...........................