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                         hi there!!                         its greetings time!!                                                                                                                             greetings                              in a-z order                         are flying out to        abandon            accession          accumulators        acidforce uk           active               acu                adept              alcatraz             alive            alpha flight           amaze              anthrox              aofcf               arcane              armada              aurora             bad news             beast          blood and mylene         bounty            brainstorm             bug               cascade              celtic              chrome              clones             complex             critters           crusaders         cryptoburners           cytax         dark co-operation     dictators fin.          d-mob              dragons            dual crew         disaster area            doom               defjam             excel uk             effex             evil arts            ecstasy          escape finland          exodus              energy             excel uk              fab           flash production        fraxion              g.o.d              horizon             immortal               it                 iris              illusion            imp-666          justice europe         kefrens             level 4              legion             miracle              mirage           mindkillers           megadeth       nukebusters of acu       network          neutron dance          new wave           no limits            nithril         piranhas and ibb      prime evil            paradox             phoenix               pmc            pimplesqueezer          prong               prism             paranoimia           prologic            q-branch              rare                raz           red sector inc.       rigor mortis           savage         share and enjoy       spreadpoint            static           static bytes           subway          sun connection         supplex             system 5           the force             taxon        the hacking relation      the link           the lunacy        the magic arts   the special brothers    the silents           theatre             triangle            tristar             unicorn              unique          united forces           vision          vision factory    vision one of afl       warfalcons           warriors                                 zenith        zike and conqueror     zombie boys                                             if we have forgotten anyone, please let    us know soon.                                                                                                        

 another  production
its called          
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 this is sundance writing in the rebels demo called last dimention. this demo was supposed to be released for the the silents and red sector inc. demo competiton, but we had some troubles with the loader. but anyway here is some text written by xod of rebels.. . ... . ... ok this is xod typing right now !!! yes right now i am sitting besides sundance, and he is busy for real coz the demo is not ready yet, but he will be ready soon with the demo he hopes.... well see you in the next scroll.......        

this demo is a friendship release by rebels!!! sorry not to release it at the party. special thanks to all rebels members for their support, especially ozone for the twiggle routine and conan for his loader help. if you want to contact rebels, write to our hq. the address is     rebels(remember this!!!)      poste restante        2670 greve        denmark           now for the text we wrote on the party, starting with the first text we wrote.      we have just arrived, 4 hours ago, many cool groups have arrived, so its quite cool. we are now working on this demo, which will be finished before deadline, i hope. to my right, conan is going to play kickoff 2 with newton, and some other guys are watching them. right now newton scored, so he leads 1-0. now jake and yoyo are going to write. c u!           yeah !!!     back from watching porno-movies on denmarks nr.1 dirty channel,  jake and yoyo raids ya again !!!      this is a so called precalculated simulated scrolltext !!!     hope you know what that means, coz i dont !!!      god, the beer and booze have absorbed my brain totally, so i will stop in a minute or two, coz i just cant keep my conzentration at this !!!        just sum party greets to:       fab and static, zike (drunk as ever), bozo, vandal and the rest !!!      byeeeee.            break by sundance...   have you heard  greatest hits 1 by disco leif of static bytes? if you havent, then get it, coz its coooool!!!!! and yes xod types again !!!! first of all i will send some greetings to some of my friends... here goes....     whizkid of kefrens - hey freak whats up !?! so you came to the party too !!! ....    static and vandal of paradox - ja, ja, ja saa koere svinet !?!  thanks for always cool times when we are together, by the way when are you going to release some stuff ??? keep moving freaks you are some of the best !!! stay cool .. as always !!!..... exorbit and scot of arcane - thank you scot for fixing exorbits diskdrive, ha ha haa ! yo exorbit thanks for the  cool stuff ! by the way do you remember when we were on bakken, and static tryed the bull machine !!!! ha hhhaaaa !!! it is a megajohn !! well see you....  grimlog of ??? - move your acid and get that fucking menu coded ????.... proxt and temet of cave - looooong time no see ? are you working on a new demo/menu ?...    ok that must be enough for this time or ... no better not !!! see you in your fantasy... xod jams the board of funny keys to ozone and he rocks like this   yope, now it ozone typing ..   first of all alittle message to (it have to come) ozone of abandon. nice work, you are doing, but a shame you have chosen that name. well, i believe i got the name first (at least 4 years ago, i can prove it), and it is a mess with more ozones. please change your name. i cannot force you, and if you dont want to, i can do nothing, but the fact is clear ...  so it is up to you ...   enough of that subject ..   what about some party news .. well, it is quite cool here, and todays oppinion is :   jeg savner min seng !!!!     lame text was written by ozone of rebels ..  now back to sum filled vectors or sumthing like that !!!    newton flying in   ....      ..... hiya guys.. this is the indestructable newton filling your memory with bullshit! ... at this particular moment which is about 7 pm all the cool rebels are at the silents-red sector copyparty in glostrup ... about the macth sundance referred to before, it ended 1-1 .. too bad! i had the lead .... the room is crowded with amigas, sterios, monitors and an infernal noise of housemix, heavy, and computer sounds.... a lot of cool groups are present at this party, eg. scoopex, spreadpoint, dual crew, paradox, triumph, flash production and so on.... now my fingers are going numb, so ill let our new member !benefit! write sum moor txt c-ya! ..........benefit taking over...     yeah!!!    finally newton left the keyboard...   we're having a swell time here in glostrup, but i'm still hungry as i haven't been eating in almost 24 hours. well, i guess this is quite boring to read, so i'm going to let someone else write....          ahh yeah !!!      where am i???   we're back to play skak, in a shack attack !!!  who am i???    i am jake the slaughter movie maniac !!!      get your nose away from that monitor bozo !!!     ahh yeah !!!!    pizza og koedklumber !!!     here is bozo......      here is jake again, bozo didn't want to type anything, i guess???     who's that ???        welll i'll go again !!!         byeeeeeeee !!! now badman of static bytes wants to write something, so here he is.       allo allo cest badman! ahem, pardon my french it is not so perfect - yet! well lets write some interesting crab!? yep, as you might already know im badman of static bytes, and sundance gave me the great honor to write in his scroll, but i dont really know what to write so ill just greet you guys in rebels and good luck with your part for the competition! badman of stb is signing off - bye ! thanks to badman the caped crusader of static bytes now, i have to code a bit, so hold on. .. .. . .   now its film time, and newton wants to describe the film closely. yesss! next to me raz and an ex-trilogy member are watching a screamingly horny pornomovie at highest volume......the movie is calledoestens emanuelle and was brought to the party by bozo of rebels ..... its a real supermovie for sexually degenerates.. like bozo ... hehe! ...... after some boozing on scoopex behalf, and the dropping of some teargas in the partyplace.. bozo,jake and cruncher of rebels went with zike,static and vandal and some other guys to the local disco ..wall street??.. to party, but due to a lousy economic situation i had to stay here .... so im seriously thinking about coding bit on my filled vector routine, so ill nourish my sexual tendencies and watch the movie on the other screen... cul8r newton        now its about 1 oclock in the night. the movie is over, and everybody around here are working. conan is working with a sinuscalculator by jim of static bytes, and ozone is looking very worried at the code for a new, soon coming demo (i hope!). 2 minutes ago newton pissed. now hes going to tell about it.  ..yeah! ... it was  great relief to get all dried out coz i really was sitting uneasy in the seat in the minutes before my visit to the santary arrangements here in glostrup... so, now im relaxed, my knees has stopped shivering, and perhaps i can type some text before the incompetent electrician kills the powersupply for the whole room.....    or perhaps not!??! ..i better stop before its too late....c-ya!........well, i(sundance) am gonna sign off now, coz nobody ever reads that much of a scroll text.