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       introduction to seduction        
  c o d e                d w e e z i l  
  l o g o                  c o r w i n  
  m u s i c            h e a t b e a t  

  look for the combined musicdisk and   
  demo coming from heatbeat and dweezil 
  at summertime..                       
 u can call the creators of this dentro 
    dweezil            +358 12 15772    
    heatbeat           +358 86 27839    
                       ask for antti!   

           our fine boards:             
  ehq rebellion:                        
                     +46 40 45 66 49    
  german hq swappers delight:           
                     +49 30 39 25 646   
  scandinavian hq wonderland:           
                     +47 42 47 559      

 meegosh: 54                 
              02701 grankulla           
 jake:        rebels                    
              poste restante            
              2670 greve                

      special hi-hos are flying to:     
       lyzanxia  jaffa    murc          
       tmb       orion    devil         
       reebok    ronnie   overlander    
       stookie   jarnis   new man       
       adec      bruno    turtle        
        and to all rebels members       
           w o r l d w i d e !          

 the special analyzer that you can see  
     in lower playfield is called:      
  ok.. there's more routines to come..  

           see you all at the           
 rebels,phenomena,razor 1911 and agille 
 party near stockholm 14-16 june 1991!