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                            ASSEMBLY '92

         Welcome to the partyinfo-intro for the
                summer-party Assembly '92!!!
     The event is arranged by Rebels with help of
        DataService and Grendel of Byterapers.

          We'll get to the details later, but first
                        let's hit the credits:

                         MUSIC - Reflex/Rebels
                   GRAPHICS - Hansie/Rebels
                       CODING - Jef/Rebels

        Note! The final partyinvitation will follow!

 The event will take place in a city called Kauniainen,
which is situated 15 km from our capital city Helsinki.
The doors will open at 24th of July and the event will
end at 26th. The entrance fee is 60 FIM for persons
who have informed of their participation and 70 FIM
for others.

You'll have to wait for our final partyinvitation to
get to know how to inform us of your participation.

As always on these kind of meetings there will of
course be some competitions. We'll have Demo, Gfx,
Music and Intro competitions. We'll also have some
small competitions like Kick Off-, Frisbee- and Disk-
Throwing competitions etc.

                The competitions are shown on
                      a 2 metres high screen!

The prizes aren't determined yet but we can tell you
  this:  We would sell our grandmas for that price!

                   Message to all partyfreaks:

   There will be NO BOOZING at the partyplace but
there is a fine dancebar in Kauniainen-City. For guys
   that don't like bars' prices or for some reason
don't want to go to the bar some members of Rebels
    and Sonic will organize a trip to a beachparty in
 Helsinki! There you may party as much as you wish!

              Since this is a legal conference


                              is allowed!

We have worked real hard on this party so we can
guarantee that this party will with no doubt be one
of the biggest and best organized parties in Finnish

       We hope that you will enjoy this weekend in
             Kauniainen, because we surely will!!

         The main organizers, MeeGosh of Rebels,
         DataService and Grendel of Byterapers.

   You can contact us for the final partyinvitation.

       ASSEMBLY '92                       MeeGosh
         PO BOX 54                        +358-0-5052441

             For more info call our finnish board

               Wasted Time      358-0-5053602

                    High quality greetings to:

            I'm waiting for your cool sendings..

    Nice of you to arrange the frisbee competition!

                          You lazy bastard..

               Unbelievably cool T-Shirt picture!

        Hoover/Brainstorm & Major Tom/Carillion
                        Nice phonecalls guys..

            Caesar/Razor and Haka/Dual Crew
                         Nice talkin' with ya!

         Have you already seen Monkey Island II?

          Kumimiehet needs a board! HST sucks!

     Good luck with your graduation at the age of 55

   See you at Phenomena Easter Party in Goteborg!

                        See you at the party!

         Thank you for helping us with the party!

                          JHL/S!P & Avalon
               Call these guys' lame boards at:
                    358-0-885938 Puuhamaa
                   358-0-592413 Nopea Lehto

   And of course greetings to all rebels worldwide!

            The finnish members of Rebels are:

#                          Block - Graphics
##                        Hansie - Graphics
###                            Jef - Coding
##                     MeeGosh - Organizing, PR
      Nugget (ex NKOTB) - Music, Graphics
         Ruben (ex Willow) - Coding
                         Storm - BBS Operating
#                         Zunga - Coding

      Lightspeed BBS Node 1### -  1-206 943 2755
      Lightspeed BBS Node 2 -  1-206 943 2557
      Lightspeed BBS Node 3 -  1-206 943 2804
      The Rebellion#                -  46-40-456649
      Rebels' Hideout###            -  45-42-647023
      Inner Circle ##                -  46-31-304142
      Wasted Time         ##        -  358-0-5053602
      Swappers Delight##         -  49-30-4925646
      Master and Servant##     -  49-610-65468

Ja sitten viikon virallinen palindromi:

 Sanoo Joni:  Vino pino, moni koni, vino Toni,
                    vino kino, moni poni, vino Joonas!

 Ja jos tama sattui jo unohtumaan, sama takaperin:

 Sanoo Joni:  Vino pino, moni koni, vino Toni,
                    vino kino, moni poni, vino Joonas!

             If you want to contact the coder
                    of this intro, write to:

                Kalle Halttunen
                Kuurinniityntie 29
                02700 Kauniainen