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1.       CEBIT '90 DEMO BY RSI.       .1
2.            THE LINK DEMO.          .2
4.        MASTER CREW'S NEWEST.       .4
X.          A TRIANGLE INTRO.         .X
     - RELEASEDATE: WEEK 11. 1990 -     

     Artificial Dreams 19         This time with some stunning demos from:     RSI,  THE LINK AND THE ERRORS.        The winner this time is RSI.  This demo contains everything (it's nearly to good!);  Cool Graphics,  Music and impressive code.       THE LINK comes in as second and THE ERRORS and third.     Okay, now for some credits:      Coding ... CONAN, logo and small font by STATIC.         Sum special regards to (no order):                                 M.A.D,  ECSTASY,  ALCATRAZ,  SPREADPOINT,  SUBWAY,  TRISTAR,  FRAXION,  FAIRLIGHT,  MIRACLE,  NO LIMITS,  SUPPLEX,  HORIZON,  CLASSIC,  DEFJAM, CCS AND THE ACCUMULATORS,  ARCANE,  RSI,  CRYPTOBURNERS,  THE LINK,  VISION FACTORY,  EXCEL UK,  SCOOPEX,  DOUBLE DENSITY CREW,  TRILOGY,  QUICKSILVER (DEAD?),  BRAINSTORM,  ANIMATE,  SETROX,  DUAL CREW,  PIRANHAS,  PARANOIMIA,  FLASH PRODUCTION,  ENERGY,  ACCESSION,  TOP SWAP,  MAGNETIC FIELDS,  NEUTRON DANCE,  TRIANGLE,  TSK CREW,  EMPIRE,  KEFRENS,  EXODUS,  BOUNTY,  NUKEBUSTERS OF  ACU,  UNIQUE,  ILLUSION,  RAZOR 1911,  TRAVELLERS,  ALIVE,  ACIDFORCE UK,  SILENTS,  WORKING CLASS,  UNITED FORCES,  ACME,  SAVAGE,  MICROWAVE,  DARYUS,  DRAGONS,  G.O.T,  ZOMBIE BOYS,  AMITECH,  APEX,  IRIS,  ERRORS,  AEON,  SPIRIT,  RIGOR MORTIS,  IMP-666,  CYTAX,  ZENITH,  FDS,  THE FORCE,  NEW WAVE,  AXXES,  SYSTEM 5,  GOD,  BAD NEWS,  RAP X,  NECATRIX,  E AND L,  PHOEBIA,  DARKSIDE,  BEAST,  DARK COOPERATION,  THE LUNACY,  MINDKILLERS,  CLONES,  ABANDON,  CRITTERS,  VISION,  D.MOB,  ESCAPE,  VORTEX 42,  AURORA,  VISION X,  HELLAS,  AVENGER,  ALPHA FLIGHT,  VECTOR SIGMA,  THE GIANTS,  DRAKPAK,  AVOID INTERNATIONAL,  AMAZE,  BELGIAN BRAINS,  ARMADA,  THE SPECIAL BROTHERS and the rest of our friends.      Remember ... Friendship is what matters !!!    Have a terrific day, all of you (even STORM)!                        scrolltext restarts.                 

                scrolltext restarts.