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                            åWHAT? WHERE? WHEN?°

	This huge party is arranged by åRebels° and åComplex° in Finland.
	The party will take place in a school in Kauniainen called
	'Kasavuoren koulukeskus'. The conference will open at 1000 hours
	Friday the 24th of July 1992 and the doors will close Sunday the
	26th at 1400 hours.

	We are sick and tired of the lousy arranged parties popping up
	around us and that's why we already have made a lot of arrangements
	for this party and we will keep arranging until the party is over.
	This party won't be another of those profit-making parties. On this
	party everything will be there for you.

	The party will with no doubt be one of the biggest and best parties
	in Finnish history. This is guarantied by the organizers,
  						åRebels° and åComplex°.

                             åHOW TO GET THERE°
	Kauniainen is located 15 km from Helsinki and the easiest way
	to get there is to first get to Helsinki and then take the bus
	or train to Kauniainen.

	 If you come by bus there are several busses going to Kauniainen
	but with bus number 261 (platform 35) you will get right outside
	the partyplace. You just get off at 'åKasavuorentie 1°' or
	'Kasavuoren koulukeskus'. The bus-stop is 30 meters from the school
	building. The bus trip takes aprox. 25 mins.

	 If you come by train then take one of the local trains 'S', 'L',
	'E' or 'U' from Helsinki to Kauniainen and then walk to the party-
	place from the trainstation. Maps will be available at the train
	station. The train trip takes aprox. 15mins.

							å[Press Mouse]°

	 If you come by car you should get our paper-invitation. That way
	you won't have any problems finding the party-place. But in case
	you don't have it here's some instructions for finding the party-
	 First get to Helsinki (Easy!). Then take the highway going from
	Helsinki to Turku called Turunvayla or E3. When you have driven it
	for aprx. 15 minutes you should see a sign saying 'åKauniainen°'!
	Then just drive to Kauniainen and in Kauniainen city you'll just
	have to follow the signs saying 'Party' that we have put up in the

	 If you want to get picked up at the airport or somewhere then we
	will be pleased to help you. Just call us up.

	As always on these kind of meetings there will of course be some
	competitions. We'll have Demo, Gfx, Music and Intro competitions.
	We'll also have a realtime democompo and some small competitions
	like Kick Off-, Frisbee- and Disk-Throwing competitions etc.

           The competitions are shown on a 2 metres high screen!

	We still haven't determined the competition prizes but we can
	tell you that they will be the best prizes ever on any party
	in Finland. The more people show up the bigger the prizes are.

	 When You want to vote you'll just go to one of the terminals
	at the party and vote. To vote you will be asked to give your
	secret password which you have chosen when you entered the
	party-place or when you informed us about your participation so
	that only you can use your vote. We think that this is a very fair,
	accurate and fun way of voting.
							å[Press Mouse]°

	åDemos:°  Must work on a åstandard Amiga° OR an å512 fast mem expanded°
		Amiga. (The same group may release several demos.)
	åMusic:°  Any music routine as long as it works on a standard Amiga
		or on an expanded Amiga. It must be executable. (1 tune per
	åGfx:°    Must be in IFF-format. (1 picture per competitor)
	åIntro:°  One part and screen only!
	åRealtime democompo:°
		You have 4 hours to make a demo from nuttin.
	åKick off:°
		The version used: åKick off 2°
		This event was first introduced at the Easterparty '92 in
		Norway. And the world record from that party WILL be
		broken! (We count on you!)

							å[Press Mouse]°

	åFrisbee Ultimate & Length compo:°
		As you might know Ultimate is a team sport and length
		throwing is invidual. Well futher rules will be given at
		the party. Frisbeecompos organized by åMurk/Sonic° the expert

	åSoccer Tournament:°
		You need at least 6 guys to form a team. The players don't
		have to be from the same group, but it would be preferable.

             Except for these we will have other small compos.

		Deadlines for the demo and graphics competitions will be on
		Saturday 25th July at 2200 hours and the deadline for the
		music competition will be at 1900 hours. The demos, gfx and
		music will be shown and played around midnight.

                           åFEATURES ON THE PARTY°

	The cafe will sell everything in foodway to satisfy your stomach.
	Coca-cola, juice, chips, pop-corn, chocolate-bars and other kwick-
	snacks. And of course the most essential to keep you awake: COFFEE!
	The cafe will be open 24H/day.

	The competitions, ray-trace movies and video-demos are shown on a
	2 meter high screen and the audio effects are great!

	DataService will be at the party-place selling hardware. Disks,
	IOC-chips and lots of other hardware can be found.

	You will get a discount at a local pizzeria.

							å[Press Mouse]°

	Outgoing phone inside the party-place(pay-phone) for calling up
	worried mums and girlfriends.

	Clean showers in the building in your disposal.

	We have a couple of rooms for sleeping purpose. There you can get
	some sleep in peace.

	- 30 meters to closest bus stop
	- 1500 meters to local train station
	- Food store across the street
	- Combined Pizzeria, Pub and dancebar downtown. At the pizzeria
	  you will get a discount if you show your personal assembly-card.
	- 200m to a public swimming baths and a big green football field
	  where the frisbee and disk-throwing-competitions will take place.
	- 300m to a small kiosk
	- A Snooker Center downtown
	- Only 100m to a local cemetary!

                           åASSEMBLY - THE MOVIE!°


	Assembly VHS-cassettes are sold a few days after the party when
	we have edited the material we film at the party. They can be
	purchased for a very resonable price from MeeGosh.(aprox.50FIM

    We will have a rave party at the partyplace with live music by Damones.

	There will be åNO BOOZING° at the partyplace but there is a fine
	dancebar in Kauniainen-City. For guys that don't like bars prices
	or for some reason don't want to go to the bar some members of
	Rebels and Sonic will organize a trip to a beachparty in Helsinki!
                 There you may party as much as you wish!

                     Since this is a legal conference
                       åNO BOOZING AT THE PARTYPLACE°
                                is allowed!

	We don't need to mention any more rules here because we think that
	you all can respect that we don't want to have any kind of trouble.
	As this is a legal conference, we will call the police if anyone
	breaks these rules radically or makes a lot of trouble in any way.

	But of course you all know how to have fun at a party without
	boozing. So by all means do have fun!

                      åINFORM US OF YOUR PARTICIPATION°
	By informing us of your participation will you not only speed up
	the entrance but also get in 10FIM cheaper. (Foreigners outside
	Scandinavia will get in free). Last day of informing is 13th July.

	The entry entry is 70 FIM for people that haven't informed us of
	their participation and 60FIM for those that have.

	So if you wanna inform us of your participation then please send us
	the folowing information:

	SOTU(finns only)
	Personal password for voting
	Tell us if you wanna have the great party T-shirt for 50FIM or not
							å[Press Mouse]°

	You can also give us the information by calling our boards 'Wasted
	Time' or 'Watchtower' and using the party door. You can use the
	party door by typing 'PARTY' in the party conference. At this
	conference you will also find all the newest information conserning
	the party.

	Thank you for your co-operation.

                      åPARTY ADDRESS AND PHONENUMBERS°
	If there are any questions, doubts or anything, don't hesitate to
	write or call to:
				åASSEMBLY '92°
				PoBox 54
				02701 Kauniainen

		       åMeeGosh  +358-0-5052441  (John)°
			  Hyde	+358-18-7805647 (Harri)
		      Mic Dair	+358-18-550799  (Aki)

                 You can also call our boards in Finland:
                      Wasted Time	+358-0-5053602
		      Watchtower        +358-18-7805910

                 We hope that you will enjoy this weekend
                  in Kauniainen, because we surely will!!

				                       /The Main organizers


		Graphics: Block,Hansie,Jef,Kris/Rebels
		          this font ripped from RAW #3
		Music:    Omega/Rebels
		Nature-preserving code by Jef/Rebels

		Block sends his jojos to Top-Azz & Tim/Parallax,
		Ideal/Rebels, Snail, Uncut and Stupidissimus/Morgue.

		Thanx & Hellos to:
		Murky Murk and the Funkie Fella /Sonic:
			Who tha fuck is James Brown?
			Rave til' ya drop!
			Hope you get it done in time.

		M:et & Nick/Rebels:
			Where's the fuckin' memberlist? :-)
			Don't forget the parachute!
			Drunkness compo: Meegosh 1, Pucko 0

		And last but certainly not least big tuhmas to Ruben.

	    And of course big hellos to all funky Rebels worldwide!

		If You wanna get in touch with Hansie write to:

		Hannu Saunaluoma
		Nokelantie 41 c 27
		90150 Oulu