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     yoho folx!!
     please pay 
  attention to the
  following lines!    
      are you a 
  do you think you
    are elite??

    contact our   
    european hq  
for joining reality
 ...just do it...       

     write to: 
  chiffre 018896
    4770 soest    

 coding by shayde
      gfx by          
bad grafix and myth
 music by ascender

reality presents a new intro called ...memtro...   all coding by shayde -
gfx by bad grafix and myth - musax by ascender...this intro was created
to receive more members for our german division!   so - if ya are a
talented guy dont hesitate to contact:   ascender (ehq)   chiffre 018896
  4770 soest   west-germany...or write to our whq: 5627   hamilton
  new zealand!!  
now to the greetz...
reality send special
regards to the following dudes in a to z order...  
  ace/independent   mac/addonic   dino/admirals   eagle/admirals
  mr.nightmare/admirals   messenger/altair   charly/amaze
  pinny/anarchy   dr.cruz/andromeda   mike/armada   dalos/bladerunners
  hoover/brainstorm   judge/byterapers   agent white/carcass   demonik/carcass
  warrior/carcass   tornado/chrome   fallos/cinefex design   control/coma
  wildchild/creed   tron/crystal   ray/running access/cult   hoe/cybertech
  gadget/cytax   parsec/cytax   rhodex/cytax   nostyx/damage   showbiz/decay
  tsar/decay   wiz of oz/decay   agony/deceit   nobody/deceit
  killraven/deffpaccers   masque/delight
  phrasher/dictators   case/division a   cypher/e.o.c.1999   amateur/eon
  orion/equinox   brainwasher/eremation   amray/esthetic   gandalf/etchelion
  wacky jacky/fach   maniac/falcons   slimer/flash productions
  flexx/frantic   thoraxe/freeflight   voltage/freeflight   ronen/hero
  undead/ibb   metalica/infinity   ulysses/infinity   jlm/independent
  eyebrow/live act   jaby/live act   mr68/lost tracks
  deicide/lsd   apollo/majic12 dk
  brutus/majic12 oz   tal/majic12 oz   diamond/masquerade   slash/megapowers
  dr jest/mystix   midian/mystix   shadow/mystix   yoghurt/network   
  the antichrist/new forces   jaxxom/nightbreed
  jimmy jazz/nightbreed   blackhawk/nova   jean/nova   chucky/obituary
  brat/optimal   caddy/oracle   mc blaster/paragon   jerry/polaris
  omega/polaris   duster/poorsoft   punishers oz    maze/rage   eagle/ramjam
  007/reality oz   falcon/reality oz   homeboy/redskins   alfred/reflectors
  epa/reflectors   neutron/reflectors   duke/risk   kr33/sanctuary
  freddy krueger/scoopex   tiger/scoopex   marc/silents   tze mastro/skid row
  titus/snakebiters   daddy freddy/spirit   nola/spreadeagles
  dot/st pauls crew   dunhill/st pauls crew   stingray/independent
  ranx/supremacy   teacher    slaughter/tech   joker/tech   hijack/tension
  alien/tetragon   porta/the company   chucky/the gang   incog/the hidden
  sir/the lordz   violator/time arts   mitic/triad   sorehead/trsi
  rebel mc/tsb
  rawer/twilight   focus/vectra   iron eagle/venator   xtra/vendetta prod
  ice/vertigo   darkwalker/visual bytes   saracen/visual bytes   gorgar/voyage
  sergej/xerox   inzane/zenith   darkman/zero defects   pseudonym/zero defects
  the master/zeus          thats all folks! if ya swapping with reality
but you were not mentioned here...  s o r r y ! ! ! 
if ya not swapping with reality then contact us! but please... only elites!!!
l8r dudes.....                                    @