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Yeah! more hot wares from the
real No.1 crew in NZ.....

Another Bad Barty import:

<                             <
<            Vroom!           <
<                             <


Well only 1 week till the party!
Remember to bring:
1. 10 bucks for Beer!!!!!
2. A handle to drink outa!
3. A sleeping bag to crash in!
4. And some dosh for grub!!!

See yers all there dudes!!!!!

The members of reality are:
<Shayde    : Coder & Musix   >
<Bad Grafix: Grafix, Swapper,>
<            Organiser.      >
<Myth      : Grafix.         >
<Bad Barty : Trader, Swapper >
<Poison    : Swapper         >
<Krypton   : Swapper         >
<Falcon(OZ): Swapper         >
<007 (OZ)  : Swapper, pics!:->
<Ajax      : Coder           >
<Jaxxom    : Phreaker        >
Credits for this intro goto:
<                            >
< Code       : Shayde        >
<                            >
< Logo/Fonts : Bad Grafix    >
<                            >
<                            >
< Music      : Unknown       >
<                            >
<                            >
< Compilation: Bad Barty     >
<                            >


For the latest and greatest:...
Write to:

Bad Barty/Reality
P.O. Box 120

Well its only 1 week till the big Reality piss up!!! Its gonna be fuckin
awesome so make sure you all make it! the sounds most people invited
will be coming and there will be a few extra sods who we forgot ta invite!
How sad...  but hey!...  lifes tuff at the top.  If you have not been
invited and you have not asked then do not bother turning up since there
will not be room for you and you will just be turned away......Those
invited can read above and you will know what to bloody bring! excuses
for missing it either!  Its gonna be the best drink till ya drop scene
party ever held......the aim is to get pissed and have a good time!  If
you're coming to copy disks...errrk!  Bad news man!...  this is not a geeky
fucking copy party!!!!!!!...ok well...  catch all you dudes at the there or shag sheep like Van Damme!  Hehehe....L8er
doods.........ohhh and quick and dirty greets to this kiwi dudes:.......
Van Damme/Nightbreed .....Arok/nightbreed .....Agent White/Carcass
.....Warrior/Carcass .....Hellfiend/Carcass .....Agony/Deceit .....Death
Angel/Deceit .....Nobody/?????!!!  .....Slaine/??????  .....Wulf/Carcass
.....Zipper .....Mace .....Lightning .....Big Daddy ....Falcon F16
....Bazza ....and Weetbix .....and apologies to those I have forgotten!!
...ok Catchyas L8er!!!  from Barty.....  short scrolly restarts just around
the corner man!!!  -------->