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  p r e s e n t s   
  an intro called   
    >   the    <    
    > starting <    
    >  intro   <    
   intro credits:   
coding - black jack 
gfx    - sleepwalker
fonts  - sleepwalker
     and recycler   
music  - sleepwalker
we are searching for
    more coders     
  and graphicians,  
if you think you are
 good enough, write 
   a letter to us   
 or call one of our 
  regency mail whq: 
    pasi  kujala    
    pirttitie 16    
    01680 vantaa    
 cyclone center bbs 
 (ex. danger zone)  
     running with   
     16.8k hst ds   
  also good traders 
     and sysops     
   are welcome to   
      join us!      

       well well well...  there has been some strange rumours about our members...  here goes our memberlist, and anyone else who claims to be a regency member is a lamer...             recycler, necrarch, black jack, blitman, mythical, butcher, quartz, sleepwalker, zeff, bandit, bizz and rastaman...             if you would like to join us, write to regency whq:  pasi kujala (recycler), pirttitie 16, 01680 vantaa, finland  or call one of our boards:  cyclone center (ex. danger zone), sf hq: 358 0 2922798,   sysop: blitman            or:  the prodigy, swedish hq: 46 490 344 37  16.8k usr hst ds,  sysop: eeezee...                 greetings are flying to:         2000ad, adept, alcatraz, alpha flight, analogy, aurora, black robes, bloodsuckers, bytebusters, calibra, carillon, chrome, complex, condemned, crime devils, damones, decnite, disknet(everybody except wisp!), dual crew, equinox, estrella, fairlight, glamour design, grace, image, kefrens, krafted, majic 12, misery, movement, orion, paradise, parallax, rebels, shining 8, silents, sonic(thanx for your huge help  deflector), spaceballs, stellar, triangles, tristar and red sector, troopers, xtrade, zenith... and to all c00l forgotten groups...                that is all....      watch out for our sooncoming bbsintro and other productions                                                regency prods. 1993